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The Big Green Discount


The Big Green Discount

Brian Palmer

Texas is known for cheap and plentiful energy resources, but they’re usually of the dirty, fossil fuel–based variety. That reputation is changing. Texans can now buy renewable energy packages that are as cheap as or cheaper than the coal- or natural gas–based alternatives.


“A study released Friday by the venture capitalist firm DBL Investors shows that states boasting robust green energy programs have the nation’s cheapest electricity. The trend lines suggest it’s only going to get better for their consumers. In 2001, electricity cost more in the 10 top renewable energy states than it did in the 10 states with the lowest proportion of green energy production. By 2013, the situation had turned upside down: States with the most green energy now offer cheap electricity, while the dirty power states are the most expensive.”

Thank you for the good (green) news, Mr. Palmer. With citizens’ groups effectively fighting the Frackers, oil pipeline/train accidents occurring too often, and gas prices cheap enough to dissuade Arctic (and other dangerous & costly) exploits, the above is not just good news… it may well be prophetic and indicative of greener trends to come.


“What happened? Technology. The sun and the wind are free. (It sounds
like something from a Joni Mitchell song, but it’s true.) The price of
renewables is therefore based almost entirely on the cost and efficiency
of the hardware that captures the energy. That’s a good thing, because,
over the past few decades, engineers have demonstrated an incredible
knack for making technology smarter, faster, and cheaper.”

Well duh!!! Which would you rather do, invest in increasing fossil fuel prices or invest in ever more efficient renewable technology? This is such a no-brainer that a ten year old child (that’s 4th grade for those who might have forgotten!) could figure it out–not so our utility regulatory bodies–how dumb (or for sale to the highest bidder!) can you get?