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The Big Lie Behind Trump’s Education Budget

The Big Lie Behind Trump’s Education Budget

Jeff Bryant

Public school supporters are angry at President Trump’s budget proposal, which plans to cut funding to the Department of Education by 13 percent – taking that department’s outlay down to the level it was

“Indeed, Choice Programs in all their forms…seem more interested in diverting money AWAY from Public Schools than they are intent on delivering …education relief TO the struggles of Poor Families.”

The FIRST people to make a killing in undermining the US Public Education System were both Poppy Bush people, his son Neil Bush and Poppy’s Sec of Ed Bill Bennett, both of whom made fortunes heading companies cashing in on NCLB.

Sort of like that other Crime, reserved for Low Level sacrifices to the system, Insider Trading.

The Bushes started out as Pirates and are STILL Pirates.

And their continued Influence and False Legitimacy are a root cause as to why Our Nation is in the state it is in today.

I remember when the Wall Street Journal had an article in the mid 1980s about all the taxpayer money going to public schools and the effort of private entities to set up charter schools to garner some of that education (taxpayer) money.

A statistic I read the other day (heavens knows where I read so much) that only 21% of students attending charter schools go on to attend college. Some charters schools are better than public schools, some have no better records that public schools, and some are even worse. They all hide behind choice to get their hands on the taxpayer money currently spent on our public schools, which still underfunds most of them.

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And private schools are run by CEOs who make at least a million a year. It is NOT public.

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