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The Big Obstacle for Bernie Isn’t DNC "Rigging"—It’s Media Trashing

Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

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“The big obstacle for Bernie isn’t DNC [rigging] - it’s media trashing”
Well not exactly, both of these are problems, but the biggest problem for Sanders is the DNC rule change this past summer, and no one seems to be talking about it . They (the DNC) wont have to do any rigging like 2016, they now have a rule that enables them to exclude any candidate they don’t like, regardless of what their voters want. Why wasn’t this brought up in an article discussing obstacles for Bernie? I wont speculate on that, but it’s a problem for MR. Solomon.
I like Sanders, but he will have to address this major roadblock, the sooner the better, or we’re likely to see a repeat of 2016 with a different method. I’m thinking if Bernie talks about it in public, and assures his supporters he will step out of the party if they invoke this new rule, and be firm, it would expose the problem and make it much harder for the DNC to get away with it with supporters. If Sanders doesn’t confront this, and the DNC pulls the rug out again, and Bernie tucks tail and goes back to the party, it will prove once and for all what he roll truly is, inside the party.


In my opinion, Sanders ought to get the same scrutiny as other candidates especially now that he’s a front runner. I’d like to know if Nina Turner is operating his political action committee, Our Revolution, while co-chairing his campaign, for example. Contra Norm’s weak point, I’d like to know how many other campaigns feature co-chairs that were regulars on major television news shows, like Turner was? It’d be nice if Norm actually looked into these subjects, as a journalist, rather than push his preferred primary candidate with a Sanders-as-victim media message that’s questionable, at best.

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I just turned off a show on MSNBC in total disgust. A Republican strategist was allowed to dominate a discussion about the evils of socialism and Bernie Sander’s candidacy. I thought I was watching Fox.


Give me a break. Turner serves, at best, as a small counterweight to a gaggle of regular Clintonistas, Obamabots and nat’l Democratic apparatchiks. It’s Turner vs. the rest of the so-called liberal camera-ready voices.
The political consultant Salomon refers to is a broken record when it comes to Sen. Sander’s unworthiness in 2020. She said the same things in 2016, so consistency and her hobglobin mind are functional, at least. Oh, and she’s the CEO of her own political consulting company, after working for ( drumroll ) the Clintonistas and Obamabot PACs. Well, roll me over in the clover…and, gooollllyy.
Salomon’s column is accurate and that just bugs the hell out of the some folks.


Yeah they are serious; seriously corporate, corrupt. Super delegates are the way the corporate, Democratic,elite rigged the nominations for POTUS in 2016 and nothing will change in 2020 until they are abolished.


To be realistic, if Bernie is leading the delegate count the DNC would be stark raving batshit to exclude him as a candidate. Even the DNC isn’t that stupid and corrupt.

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And time is no friend. Voting problems have to be addressed and solved or all is for naught.


So let’s see, the DNC was forced to fire its leader during the primary season, and rewrite lots of its rules thereafter, and CNN just apologized for stacking Bernie’s recent televised town hall with d-party apparatchiks --but Bernie as victim is questionable?

Get your mind straight: The only d-party candidate in the race as of now who stands a prayer of beating Trump is Bernie.


None of that negates my points whatsoever. Turner was basically a cohost of a major MSNBC show and runs a political action committee supporting Sanders election (at barely arms length distance), the latter a potential FEC violation. If you think it’s just a tit-for-tat issue, then that is a very shortsighted way of looking at things. If Sanders were to win the primary with those potential conflicts of interest, Republicans and their media accolytes are going to be happy to make an issue out of them, it drives at the core of his reformist messaging after all. Better for him to answer questions now, for the press to do its job, than play everyone-against-Sanders.

When did that happen? See zero evidence of it. Have a link? And why shouldn’t democrats question a candidate running in a Democratic Party, whether they are an intern at a lobbying firm—wasn’t that the charge?—or not? And it has zero to do with my larger point anyway, which I suspect is likely just inconvenient for you.

Reality check: CNN described Baltimore County Democratic Party Chair, Tara Ebersole, as a “former biology professor,” Charles County Democratic Central Committee Chair, Abena McAllister, as “an active Democrat,” a Public Policy intern at DC Cassidy and Associates — a large lobbying firm — as an “American University student,” and an intern at the Katz Watson Group fundraising and consulting firm as a “George Washington student.”

But as per your usual excuse-apalooza, that kind of subterfuge passes as just a typical town hall, nothing to see here, folks.

Oh, and: A CNN spokesperson said “Though we said at the beginning of the Town Hall that the audience was made up of Democrats and Independents, we should have more fully identified any political affiliations.”


“It’s Media Trashing.” Absolutely, that and not being taken seriously.

Bear in mind that FOX News(sic) is correct (so too is a broken clock, 2x a day), the Media is liberal–ie neoliberal. See Thomas Franks. https://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/listen-liberal-thomas-frank-democratic-party-critique-trump-obama/Content?oid=25948366

Or “… the Clintons and Obama – have been slimy and duplicitous vanguard neoliberals deeply committed to the rightward Big-Business friendly abandonment of the poor, the working classes, social justice, and the common good. The Democrats are the globalist and automation-happy party of NAFTA, financial deregulation, welfare shredding, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Wall Street – along with the socially liberal majority wing of the “educated” professional class (more on that entity below) and the giant Pentagon system, which pre-empts the social state with a war machine that eats up more than half of federal discretionary spending (even the “democratic socialist” Bernie F-35 Sanders is a noted “military Keynesian”) while functioning as a giant form of corporate welfare to high-tech firms like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.”


Bernie Sanders is not a victim of corporate media failing to even cover him. We, the electorate are ones being ill served. As the head of CBS put it in 2016, referring to the over one billion dollars worth of free publicity lavished on Frump, it wasn’t good for America, but it was great for CBS’s bottom line. Ratings, after all, trump substance in the MSM every time.

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HI patricia-scully— and more stories of the Hillary are appearing in the media too---- they plentifully arrive just like cockroaches in an unkept house. : (

The Democratic National Committee and its officers should remain neutral in primaries and allow the party members to select the candidates that the party will put forward. That’s democracy. This restriction on the DNC and its officers should be written into the DNC’s Charter and bylaws to ensure that their behavior remains neutral. As at least a starting point, I suggest this wording:

“In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the [National] Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.”

P.S.: I did not originate this wording. I found it in an obscure document (Article 5, Section 4) and I thought that it seemed about right. In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I hope that you will click on the link and express your appreciation to whoever wrote those words.

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Where’s the apology? It wasn’t a bad townhall, Sanders fumbled a few answers, but that happens. What I witnessed after was opponents of Sanders making a big deal of the fumbles, and pro-Sanders advocates avoiding those fumbles by making some point about the questioners that didn’t matter substance wise. If Sanders has to do interviews in a protective cacoon, that’s not good for him, you, or me after all.

I guess planting and misidentifying d-party operatives is just SOP. Cool. We’re done here.


If Sanders needs a protective cocoon around him, that’s a big problem, don’t you think? It’s getting MAGA-like in the victimhood department with some progressives.

I don’t know if they will or not, but the rule was invoked/passed, someone inside has thought about it. What their threshold is for using it, I couldn’t tell you.