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The Biggest Loser: He Who Refuses To Be Dragged From Office

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/13/biggest-loser-he-who-refuses-be-dragged-office

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And yet 73 million people voted for him. This should sober up anyone who is still celebrating. His criminal negligence regarding the deadly pandemic, millions more thrown off health insurance so they can’t access treatment for coronavirus gone wild due to this negligence, hiring at tax payer’s dime those most unfit to serve in any capacity, tax breaks to the already obscenely wealthy, his sexual predations, continuing rattling war on Iran, ME machinations especially with Saudi Arabia and Israel, offshoring of jobs, ecological collapse, overt courting of militia violence, racist, sexist remarks, rising homelessness and loss of income, etc. Mitch McConnell is still at the helm which should give us pause, too and one last ditch effort to diminish his hold on the Senate and the nation might be to help NNU get voters to turn out in the run-off in Georgia. Then there are the lost seats in the House and the insistence that it was the progressives’ fault are not encouraging at all.

And incoming Biden a throwback to what did not work before–we have better sober up and start organizing for a movement across all the issues that need addressing starting with the existential threat and the pandemic.


Some sobering articles:

Mitch McConnell Is Sacrificing the Entire Economy to Impede Biden Administration


Trump Obstructing Biden’s Transition May Hinder COVID Vaccine Rollout


This Regime Must Go NOW: Three Reasons


North Dakota’s private security regulator said a trove of company documents showed TigerSwan’s denials were “willfully false and misleading.”


Stolen Freedom: The Ongoing Incarceration of California’s Indigenous Peoples ~https://www.blackagendareport.com/stolen-freedom-ongoing-incarceration-californias-indigenous-peoples


Yes, after 4 years of a complete dumpster fire, Trumps last bowel movement on the American people will be making Biden’s neoliberal administration look progressive to the citizens.


A true Working People’s Party is more needed than ever. It should include the Congressional progressives, the Green Party USA, the Working Families Party, the Democratic Socialists of America, and all labor unions.


That fact is terrifying because many of my relatives are part of that 73 million and they all believe the election was stolen by Biden ( which they have absolutely no proof ) and could easily become very violent!


Then there’s the rest of the world up in flames, some places literally. Plus Hurricane Iota. The Horn of Africa looks set to explode, with violence spreading to Mali, Nigeria, Niger, the Congo…and a whole bunch of other former European colonies. Armenia-Azerbaijan-Turkey-Russia, Hong Kong, Peru, Catalonia, the Ladakh region between India and China, Kashmir, the Uyghurs in far western China, in a province invaded by the Han Chinese, just as Tibet was.
So it can happen here, with 100 million(the 73 million doesn’t include the non-voting women or children who are also Trump fans because their church or Daddy is a Trump fan) armed, angry, and primed to rumble after 40 years of being taught what to think. And we have no true Progressive/Socialist/Green movement able to provide alternate ways to live, work, and govern.
The Four Horsemen are riding all over Gaia-famine, war, pestilence, and natural disasters.


The good news, trump is almost gone. There is so much work ahead for those that actually care about this country and do get involved in politics. The saddest and most pathetic thing I have heard over the years from friends, co-workers etc. is that politics are just too complicated and not worthy of their time and effort. That has to be a factor in the trump appeal. “Don’t think, just follow me.”

Abby Zimet’s piece was spot on about the trump mania, " Wallace Shawn [writes] mournfully, piercingly of a country that “has been brutal for a very long time”; with Trump, “the rhetoric began to mirror reality.” He cites the decline of the “ethical aspirations” of JFK and Obama - though their reality didn’t match their rhetoric either - because “it spoke of a compassion that (many Americans) knew they didn’t feel.” “Trump has liberated a lot of people from the last vestiges of the Sermon on the Mount,” he [writes. “] A lot of people turn out to have been sick and tired of pretending to be good.” For them, he suggests, “the face of America has always and forever been the face of Donald Trump.” For the rest of us, we can try to do better."
This election got rid of trump, but it clearly defines who Americans are, with half the country supporting a misogynist, racist, white supremist, egotistical, fascist loving, self serving monster. Their Fuhrer is gone, but someone else will pop up eventually to draw them back to the surface. God help America.

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…in SOLIDARITY…no infighting!

You have identified our most basic long-term problem. The greatest threat to America is,Themselves.

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I agree as a Green Party supporter since Nader ran for POTUS, but with the two party duopoly it needs a lot of help because the American sheeple parties have too much control.

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