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The Biggest Man-Made Environmental Disaster Preceding the Paris Climate Conference


The Biggest Man-Made Environmental Disaster Preceding the Paris Climate Conference

Thuy Anh

As the countries are preparing to meet at Paris climate conference to discuss new commitments on curbing carbon emission, a large area of forest land has been burning in South Asia since August, releasing as much daily emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as the entire U.S. economy.

So why is almost nobody talking about this disastrous event? In the light of upcoming conference, how ridiculous is it that most of us are unaware about a catastrophic impact of what the experts have called the "the biggest man-made environmental disaster of the 21st century?"


Thanks for this. Any questioning of the way business is done is not allowed, even when said business is killing us all.


Obviously the negotiators at the climate meeting are well aware aware of the problem with clearing forests, particularly in Brazil and Indonesia and this has been a big part of the negotiations. But even if the Western press did pay more attention to it I don't see how that would change anything because the climate justice movement is focused on blaming the Western countries for the climate change crisis so these fires would not play into the main narrative of the movement. Also, most of the attention in the media on the role of developing countries in causing change has been shifting away from China to India. With getting India to reduce emissions being seen as the biggest challenge at the conference I think the situation in Indonesia has probably been relegated to the background. Nevertheless, the fate of forests will be an important topic at the conference.


The media keep raising their prices for silence and are apparently getting their prices. This nation's founders understood the importance--chaos and all--of the fourth estate. How's that ice wall coming in Fukushima? (Hint it is leaning toward the sea...)


Pope Francis needs to go to Indonesia and announce that due to the huge overpopulation problem, a principal cause of global warming, he will immediately revoke the Church's ruling against birth control and give a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood worldwide.


Palm oil is not meat yet the growing of it using these industrial processes every bit as destructive when it comes to the environment. Palm oil is grown in such quantities to meet "consumer demand" in Countries thousands of miles away. In order to ensure those markets remain open to the export of things like Palm oil and yes meat , corn , apples and any other food one could mention "trade agreements" are signed so as to allow unfettered access.

These agreements have clauses that would prevent Governments from passing legislation that would limit such destructive practices and the same Governments that are negotiating the TPP and in fact many of the very same PEOPLE are the ones sitting at the table at these UN meetings on Climate Change.

The crisis has at its roots the economic system that rewards bad and destructive behaviour with wealth and power and one that allows the most destructive members of its population to accrue that wealth and power and pass it down to their heirs.


Whatever way we change society for the general welfare, for the preservation of our habitat (the earth), for more justice and equality for current and future generations, if we do all that but leave in place the large concentrations of welfare in the hands of the few, it will be undone by the few as it suits them.


I meant, 'wealth",not "welfare".


s'OK. All true. All good. :O)


For the second "welfare." Got it. BTW, not intended as a slight, but just so you know, there is a pencil icon that is an edit function. :smile:


Fascinating little video I just happened to see recently:

Seeing Earth from Space gives you a new perspective


Those of us under the age of 70 will get to witness the spectacular collapse of modern human civilization. A collapse ushered in by a radical change in climate conditions and the all too predictable downward spiral of capitalism.
Stock up on canned food, shotguns, popcorn, and booze. In about thirty years we will have the unprecedented experience of watching humanity descend into chaos on a global level.
The shit is just about to hit the fan. Man, it's gonna spray on everybody.


Thank you, that was amazing!


Because we need to defend Planned Parenthood from attacks by Republican troglodytes and religious conservative morons everywhere.