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The Biggest Story of Our Time Requires an Army of Journalists to Tell

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/04/biggest-story-our-time-requires-army-journalists-tell

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sigh—it is weird that so many people just parrot whatever Trump said. He has threatened to take away social security and Medicare and Obama care. Yet–in his last debate he said Biden was going to take all of the things away—but it was Trump who initiated those bad ideas.
Going into Tongass, the Arctic Refuge, and with Wheeler decimating that EPA work----I wonder—is politics really like sports teams and people only support their own city----and that ideas that would make a nation better are erased? I can’t believe that so many people see Trump as a savior?
YES, it appears that the press should have been doing a better job---- that so many Americans don’t seem to care about what is going on in government----I suppose the truth is as someone once said, " we get the government we deserve." That is so depressing. : (


Trump is a monstrosity and a liar but Biden and the establishment dems have offered the people nothing that inspires support and they sabotaged the one politician who was offering them something - Bernie Sanders. This article only explores one part of the problem and not even the biggest part which is the neoliberal Democrats have done nothing to improve the lives of the people and don’t even oppose Trump’s or the Top senates legislation. Corrupt, establishment Dems like Pelosi and Schumer are the problem and the reason for such weak support from the public.


Also this article and this analysis - OK as far as it goes - leaves out the “power behind the throne” of journalism and journalists. It’s not just that somehow, for some unknowable reason, journalists all botched the job of reporting on Trump (and everything else!).

Journalists work for “the media” and “the media” by and large are owned and operated by corporate oligarchs. Thus they do the journalism that serves the ends desired by corporate oligarchs. Thus they do not offer real analysis of establishment power, or of movements to organize popular power.

The media do not fill the role they are supposedly there to fill in the “democratic republic” established by the US Constitution and the First Amendment: the independent press publishing the truth and holding power accountable.

By and large we have a sycophantic media landscape based on the ownership of “the media.” Journalists certainly should act as Froomkin implores, but without a power analysis of media and journalism, the full needed prescription to cure the disease will not be understood.


Hey, Dan – get a clue, buddy. Media disappoints? That’s because the “media” is not comprised (other than this outlet, for the most part, and a handful of others) of journalists; most are hucksters, sales shills, mouthpieces for corporations and government, collaborators, and traitors. The corporate media long ago abdicated its responsibility to report facts, let alone question authority or the implications of “official” (more like officious) policy. Many of them deserve to hang alongside the more obvious candidates in the elite and political classes. They do the bidding of the killers and psychopaths that have brought this world to ruin. Nothing too terrible can happen to any of them.


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” - Upton Sinclair


The author of this article asks why half of americans voted for trump and treat him as some kind of savior. My thoughts:

Most americans are too busy to care about politics.
Most americans want their lives to remain easy and are suspicious of “new” ways.
Most americans like their “stuff.”
Most americans are leary of people of color.
Most americans believe what they hear on FOX “news.”
Most americans are brainwashed by propaganda–too mentally lazy to do research.
Most americans are depressed, angry, anxious, and ready to blame anyone.
Most americans are living paycheck to paycheck and have no savings.

And that’s only a partial list. So therefore, Most americans are beaten down and dumbified…so therefore are fodder for the elite handlers who planned this.

This is the demise and the murder of a nation–planned for decades. We are to become a 4th world country and our dumb half of the population won’t even notice.


World’s leading Democracy? World’s leading DEMOCRACY?!?!!? Fucking woke Bluebots are more delusional than MAGA freaks.


CD is becoming rapidly irrelevant. There are no free press outside of Glen Grewald, Caitlin Johnstone and Matt Tabbi. It is precisely the role of what is called journalism in the US to assert authoritarianism. What do you think oligarchy is?


What is your preferred media model to improve this situation? Even the Intercept apparently isn’t beyond putting a vice on its reporters in terms of what they can say (Greenwald). Is the BBC a better model? Can strictly listener/reader/viewer supported media work on a large scale?

Good God. Where to start?
Had corporate media not decided to cheer-lead for one political camp over another, decided not to selectively apply journalistic practices in service to their owners, then people would be less inclined to believe fantasies and lies. But Corporate media, as it currently exists, cannot and will not produce objective reporting, as it goes against their owners’ interests to tell the people why their lives are always in such precarious positions here in the richest, most democratic and most free nation on earth (even if the last two are debatable.) It is this selective bias, which the author either feigns naivety about or is oblivious to, that has turned the public toward wildly untrue explanations for their plight. In this environment, people are reaching for the closest thing to the truth they can get, especially if it comes from a strong man, even a con man. They know intuitively that they are not getting objective truth from corporate media.
There is no platform in corporate media for discussing with any consistency the actual truth about the reasons for the tragic state of our nation. And the good independent media platforms that do perform this vital task are right now being de-platformed, shoved to the margins and falsely accused of being disinformation sites or tools of foreign meddlers. Surely the author understands that this very real censorship effort is happening. So, I suggest he look in the mirror before trekking cross country on any fact finding mission, for the information gleaned would be worthless if his lens doesn’t change.


i spend most of my time at CD and Counterpunch, reader-funded sites.

It’s a tough question, and i would say what i say about so many things:

As long as predatory colonizing corporations own and operate almost everything, and until we the people organize and act to dis-empower them and institute an entirely different system (abolishing the investor-owned limited-liability corporation, and transforming accounting to place social and ecological accounting above financial accounting, among other deep reforms), pretty much everything is unstable and subject to corruption or elimination.

Listener/reader/viewer/publicly sponsored models can work very well, but when they are rafts in a sea of predation and profiteering, their impact will always be subject to being swamped by oceans of targeted propaganda, or direct buy-outs, or outright destruction.

We certainly need to treasure and support such media enterprises. But we need to be realistic! We need to recognize that - without fundamental transformation of the overall operating system of the political economy - these small outposts of sanity and realism will always be mostly limited to playing catch-up and fighting desperate defensive battles to hold off specific instances of extremely well-funded and strategically targeted predatory expansionism.


I’d like to add Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate to your list.


Right on.

And I gladly accept them. The Grayzone is an outstanding news source.

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Come on Jeremy Scahill, and others…BTW it’s Glenn Greenwald.

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astonishingly lots of sheeple have shit for brains!

this is very good for as far as it goes. one key element is missing: the role of ‘intelligence’ agencies like the CIA in generating propaganda and false narratives to cover up some of the establishment’s most egregious crimes and agendas. things like operation mockingbird, and this infamous quote from former CIA chief bill casey:

‘we will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the american public believes is false’


Good catch, thank you!

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Biden has been trying to cut social security since long before Trump ever ran for office.