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The Billion-Dollar Benificiary of His Own Tax Plan: President Trump


The Billion-Dollar Benificiary of His Own Tax Plan: President Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

Despite declaring the "full-on whopper" of a lie this week that his tax plan "is not good for me, believe me," a new analysis by the New York Times published overnight shows that President Donald Trump would save himself well over a $1 bill


Don’t you just Love that “believe me” bit? It has been shown time and time again a lie was just floated. Bend over America, you’re going to get robbed.


lol none of this is shocking, or shouldn’t be. It’s revealing how many dumbass Trump worshippers buy his BS. You would think - after all of his fake populist rhetoric about “helping the average American worker” he campaigned about - that when his worshippers find out that his real reason for being President was to enrich himself and his other rich buddies, that they’d be a tad ticked off at being lied to. But in true lemming fashion, his acolytes don’t even have the grace to be pissed off when they are lied to by their lord and savior. They soooo deserve the douche they elected.


Troglodytes For Trump. Even if you tried to patiently explain to them just how screwed over they were by Trump and how much he lied to them, they would stare at you blankly and then they would tell you that you are the one with fake news. They are simply unable to think for themselves and need Trump to do it for them. There should be a new mental illness named for them: Trumposis.


The framers ( The Founding 1%) implicitly immunized a sitting president from ordinary criminal prosecution, Akhil Reed Amar Yale law professor. So, hit Trump where it really hurts Trump; indict Trumps family! Maybe a little helping along; however, Trump’s children to include Kushner’s appeared deep love, and passion for money at any cost can, and will lead them to serious racketeering charges. Bingo, game over, thanks for playing.


The evidence of how Trump is profiting from his position and the decisions he’s making in that position must be enough for Mr. Mueller to finish his case.


Some of our luminaries lie Mr Jim Hightower wrote in one of his articles that “Trump is all about himself” and many of us saw that too. Otherwise why would anyone spend huge amounts of money to get the job.


Yes, astonishing but true since i have the same result for same experiment.


Yo - jus chekin in from da wetlands - cousin vinny making concrete booties like the 20s is back in style. Dey says bones got lotsa calcium - man, dems some really calcium rich mud puppies out dere.

Trump, man, he’s like d’mafiosi wet dream of cruisin behind a snow plow on a snowy day. Or - havin yer own air-drop when civil society finally gets da message that deys d’enemy. Never seen so many linin up kiss his a$$. Emperor? don need no stinkin emperor when ya got da trump card in yer pocket. America? F()@% dat $hi# wees got da trump card.


I don’t think this buffoon really knows what’s in “his” tax plan.

Trump has filled his cabinet w/a bunch of far-right, in-it-for-themselves (Tom H(hypocrite) Price et al) republicans with a wish list on how to destroy the government while enriching themselves in the process.


Ever since Saint Ron’s band of pirates coined it, politicians keep getting more mileage out of the well worn myth about family farms being lost due to estate taxes.

Research during the Dubya regime confirmed that even the American Farm Bureau Federation AFBF (not a lefty organization by any metric) could find no evidence that even one family farm had been lost to estate taxes. Farmers are smart enough to put their assets into trusts and other entities that either eliminate or defer taxes, including estate tax.


Scrooge McDuck would have made a kinder, less quackier president.


Wasn’t Dubya the “kinder, less quackier president” ?

Recall his “compassionate conservatism” mantra during the 2000 campaign ? Total BS, but a contrast to Trump’s “You Loser”, and “Your’e Fired” mantras.

Trump and Roy Moore (Alabama Ayatollah) are evidence that there is no limit to how unkind or how quacky the electeds we get stuck with can be.


Want to reform the tax code in a positive manner?
Tax wealth not labor, and make capitals gains taxed as regular income!
There should be a top incremental tax bracket rate for all income earned over $1 milliion a year that flucfuates between 40%- when timeas are good and there is zero deficit, and 90% when some dumbass takes us to war. It would be too easy to write a law that stipulates when the rate may be lowered, and thus remove politics from the equation.


When not my president! Said: His tax plan…" is not good for me, believe me," what he really meant is his tax plan was not good enough for me!


" I do not think this buffoon really knows what is in his tax plan."

Probably true, he only knows what is in his tax plan for him! Like I have said many times, Trump running for POTUS was a great business decision!


My bet from the beginning about the Trump tax plan was somehow he would benefit the most out of all Americans. That is his me-me-me fixation. We have had incompetent presidents before, such as Richard Nixon that got impeached out of office. With Trump I would have to say that he could be competent but his I-me-mine fixation is absolutely horrific, along with his racism and sexism. He is an ego maniac sociopath that does not belong in the White House. My prediction is there will be an anti Trump backlash in 2018, and Republicans will lose control of congress mostly because of Trump being a horrific president. In 2020, there will be a huge issue for Republicans about directions. To run Trump again for re election might lose the election for them.


trumps actions are a criminal conflict of interest for an “elected” official - his words stating there is no conflict and “It’s not good for me, believe me” is par for trumps course of pathological liar-in chief! Lying bald-faced to the American people on numerous critical issues and policy is treasonous!

If ever there were a just-cause to impeach/indict imprison a crook and liar and destroyer of what America is supposed to hold dear, it is this tax cut charade scam!

It is simply astonishing there are so many stupid people that still believe his con…maybe when trumps agenda gores their ox the scales will fall from their ignorant eyes…


Considering that 89 US Senators voted last week in favor of increasing military spending 13% (more than Trump requested) we best be bugging our Democratic Party Congresscritters to vote against Trump’s tax “reform”.

During an interview addressing Trump’s tax plan on NPR yesterday, the interviewer asked Senator Ron Wyden three times if any Democrats supported Trump’s tax plan. Wyden evaded the question all three times.


The republicans have real problems considering that trump has never been in compliance with the Constitution. It was left up to Chief Justice Roberts to not swear him in but he did it anyway. The country is top heavy with corruption and like all things top heavy, it has fallen over. 2018 and 2020 will just be more of the same and yet we will still talk about the american dream. That’s just what it is, a dream.