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The Billionaire Class Is Terrified That Russ Feingold Will Return to the Senate


The Billionaire Class Is Terrified That Russ Feingold Will Return to the Senate

John Nichols

Russ Feingold has led most of the polls for most of 2016 in the race for Wisconsin’s US Senate seat. But the billionaire class is determined to prevent the election of the progressive populist foe of bank bailouts, bad trade deals and crony capitalism. So, as Election Day approaches, some of the richest people in America are pouring millions into a last-ditch effort to defeat the Democrat.


The billionaire class pays other people to be terrified.


“Terrified”? LOL


The system is rigged in favor of billionaires.

Direct Democracy


Don’t trust the polls, they are no longer reliable. Trump is going to win the election - with a bunch or extremist Republicans following in his coattails and filling his administration. I’m sure you will like that a lot.


It’s hard to see how Trump could make it to 270. There’s a fair chance he won’t even clear 40% of the vote, which is just stunning.


10s of thousands at Trump rallies, hundreds at HRC stops. And SHE is ahead ??? bs the vote will be Diebolded …


Are you seriously suggesting that all of the polling organizations are fixing their polls to reflect a future, pre-determined vote count? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re suggesting, which is not a rational thing to suggest. Just exactly how many people are in on this conspiracy? And who told them to do it? Because that sounds like a pretty big operation.

Or could it just be that a lot of people don’t like Hillary that much but are going to vote for her anyway? Naw, couldn’t be that! That’s kooky talk!


“The Billionaire Class is Terrified …” Wouldn’t it be awesome if that ‘terror’ gave them all manner of physical ailments that made it impossible for them to do anything more than sit in their wheelchairs and drool??? Billionaires? We don’t need no stinkin’ billionaires! :rage::angry:


Feingold does have support among the middle class and rich, but so does his opponent. Feingold has proved to be a solid capitalist, and has supported the neoliberal Clinton agenda since the 1990s. Either way, the US needs to find some people who will represent the masses – all of us, not just the better-off.


We don’t know either way. We’re in an unusual situation where both candidates (of the parties in power) are deeply opposed by much of their own voting bases.


Johnson is a far right wing libertarian/Ayn Randian corporatist. His bible is ATLAS SHRUGGED. I guess you think Feingold is equivalent. Sigh. What can one say.