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The Billionaires v. Bernie

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/19/billionaires-v-bernie

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The criticisms from members of the 1%, is a valuable massage, it tells us the progressive train is headed in the right direction, all that’s need now is to keep the DINO’s from derailing it. A tall task indeed.


Where is an American branch of the Gilets Jaunes when you need them?

Oh, that’s right, they’re chanting “send her back” to a president whose wife arrived here after Ilhan Omar.

I hope Bernie calls out the corporate tools he’s running against.


We have returned to the age of Robber Barons.
It has come down to Corporate Tycoons vs Working Class People.

It is Labor that generates Profits for Corporate Millionaires, without the Workers there is no Profit.

Obviously Corporations want to keep Wages as low as possible in order to increase their Profits and Standard of Living.

They are totally indifferent to the fact that their workers have to struggle to make ends meet, they are only concerned with increasing their Profits.

When Unions were powerful and gave leverage to the Working-Class, people were able to make a decent living, owning their Home with a 2 Car Garage and a Boat for recreation.

The Unions forced Greedy Management to share in the Wealth that the Workers were generating.

But the Corporations found a way around this equitable arrangement; producing their products overseas where Labor was extremely cheap and there were no Unions to demand a share of the Profits.

Let’s face it Working Class America the Corporations found a way to enslave us, at the mediocre jobs left behind, at barely sustainable Wages because the high paying factory jobs went to China, Mexico, Vietnam and wherever people were willing to work for Pennies a day.

So of course the Billionaires Hate Bernie because he understands that these Robber Barons are unwilling to share in the Wealth that Labor creates for them.

As far as the Rich Corporations are concerned their workers can go on Food Stamps if they want a raise.

In fact Walmart teaches their workers how to apply for Food Stamps, because they cannot sustain themselves on the ridiculously low wages they receive from their Corporate Masters.

In other words, we the working class are subsidizing Corporations like Walmart because the Food Stamp program is paid for out of our Taxes.

Apparently Bernie is the only politician running for the Presidency that is not taking Donations/Bribes from these Corporate Blood Suckers and is not beholden to voting the way they dictate.

If we are to escape the stranglehold that the Corporations have on the Working Class we must return to the Progressive Policies of FDR and adopt an Agenda that rewards everyone not just the Corporations.

BERNIE - LIZ - 2020


What’s more democratic, one thousand millionaires or one billionaire?

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A hundred million thousandaires would be.


Nice of the billionaires to point up the very folks we should NOT vote fore, not even one vote. They also not only supported Obama, they (Ptizkers of Chicago) groomed and brought him into it.


“Billionaire funded conservative think tanks, the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and the American Enterprise Institute, …”

Gee, they left out the DNC from the list. Wonder why?


Looks like it’s up to us - the millions - to help fund Bernie with our money, our bodies, and our words of support - support to counter the billionaire class and political sellouts who want to maintain their status as “overmen”, in every way possible.


Yes , Bernie welcomes their group hatred. But, it won’t be their fingerprints on the private surveillance businesses that do the dirty work, like we’ve seen in Venezuelan politics. Six degrees of separation on those potential dirty numbers, to be sure.
When push comes to shove, they take their money and influence and, call the guys and gals downtown who still have a few teeth in their heads. Why? " Because Mr. Geddes, it’s the future. You either bring the people to the water or the water to the people. "
Forget it you jakes, it’s now 2019 and it is now and still, Chinatown.

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None of this is new, or really “news” — but thanks for reminding us whom NOT to support:  a long list that includes Biden, Booker, Buttigieg and Harris.  And, of course, anyone else endorsed by the DNC.


Bernie has embraced FDR;
but FDR’s party won’t give Bernie a chance.


It hasn’t been FDR’s party since the party was sold to the Koch bros in the 80s and Clinton took over


We’ve been soaking the poor and middle class for 40 years in order to build that gang of billionaires and multi-millionaires, meanwhile basic healthcare and higher education have become un-affordable for all but the lucky few and even public schools are starved for cash, teachers having to raid their already tiny paychecks for instruction materials.
it’s time we soak the wealthy we have created for a change and restore some sanity to the nation.

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The DNC and DCCC LCC are just ‘The Help.’ They do the dirty work, clean up our celestial overlord’s messes. They mop up, hose down, flush filth like us down the memory hole. Duh? Remember the quaint, archaic term ‘working class?’ They’re the half, Jay Gould said he’d hire to kill us? Why change, now?

If Tulsi Gabbard wants to stand out in the next debate she should focus on the sanctions against Venezuela . She should call out the media for blindly following this policy—and challenge everyone in the debate to state their stand on sanctions against Venezuela. Why does the US have sanctions on Venezuela and not a country like Saudi Arabia?? The reported number is that 40,000 people have died because of US sanctions-----the people in this country have no idea what the military is doing-----make it an issue.