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The Bipartisan Neoliberal Regime Is No Alternative to Trumpism and the Far-Right

thanks to CD for publishing an article that gets it right IMO


I would guess that at most a quarter or so of Trump’s voters were motivated by outrage over neo-liberal economic policies; most of them are in fact fervent believers in “free” markets, and Trump has been serving such platitudes up to them in huge steaming platefuls. I think it’s even more absurd to claim that a majority of them are upset about the USA becoming a functional oligarchy; most of them actually want it to become an outright dictatorship with Trump as their glorious Fuhrer.

It is true that some of them were motivated by their stagnant incomes, and some of those may even have blamed that more on free trade deals than hoards of immigrants stealing American jobs. Nevertheless, the majority of Trump’s voters are driven primarily by religious fanaticism and its attendant intolerance of all other races, creeds and religions. And you really don’t need a degree in sociology to figure that out, either; just follow them on Twitter and you’ll get the idea.

It is perhaps understandable that some people tend to project the causes dearest to their hearts onto Trump’s supporters en masse, but IMHO it still doesn’t make for a constructive dialog.

The original constitutional convention wasn’t a patch on what has been planned for a new one. Really, you NEED to study who is screaming the loudest for a constitutional convention, then take a long, hard look at their actual political beliefs. I do hope you are ready to take on the Dominionists and the Evangelicals.

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Russians used the faults and flaws already obvious here. They didn’t invent any of this, only reinforced it. So convenient for Dems to have a scapegoat to avoid looking at their own responsibity.

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A people’s Constitution Convention is called to REPLACE the existing Constitution, not put a “patch” on it.

Who gave inside polling data to Russian agents? How much did Trump get for that House-----Trump himself stated he knew the money came from Putin----$60 million to be a Traitor. And he has fullfilled Putins dreams.


And thank you for calling these “donations” what they are–BRIBES!


And we will see many different people running for office. And all kinds of new policy.

Disgree on coup language----I would call it manufacturing consent----and yes MSNBC -NBC—played a major role in this manufacturing consent----reporting that corporate media spent about $ 72 million to help Biden in SC and then the lead up to that ST. And it is how corporate media embraced Biden. Chris Hayes on the show before ST said as he went to commercial “your not going to vote for a socialist are you”-----how many times is Sanders on his show???

I think Warren would have CRUSHED trump----And I think Bernie could have carried all the democrat states Biden got except Az and Ga.

Republicans just staged another coup----now is not the time----amend it- corporations are not people------which is obvious ----and Congress has the right to regulate campaign funding.

Congress should also have the power to override a pardon by the president with 2/3 vote------

i don’t think you can deny he was selected over all other republicans in 2016 b/c of his economic populism… then he beat the fraudulent dem nominee in 2016 by hitter her over the head repeatedly with NAFTA … so allot of his followers originally were people who had been screwed over by “free trade”

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He won because it was a crowded primary that split the vote and the winner was determined by plurality. I doubt he would’ve won if they’d used ranked choice voting, but regardless, what he had going for him was that he was an outsider with no political record anyone could hold against him. Oh, and he was also the most openly racist of the lot.

Rigged = when entitled white men left and right can’t get their way and lose legitimate elections by millions of votes. Just like the Trump cult, Bernie cultists are pathological lying sore loser crybabies who blame everyone else but their own crap candidate. Because both groups are entitled racists who think they’re always supposed to get their way, who can’t accept getting fewer bites and who thus reflexively delegitimize wins fueled by black votes as rigged. And that’s why blacks didn’t vote for Bernie or Trump.

Bernie loss in 2016 had nothing to do with superdelegates: he lost by millions of VOTES in 2016 despite stealing Hillary’s voter data, outspending her, and benefitting from undemocratic caucuses and better media coverage while she was smeared with Emailghazigatepalooza nonsense. He totally failed to connect with black voters, and he failed to answer for his past as a corporate gun lobby shill and rape apologist. He alienated Democrats with his self-serving, hypocritical purity tests, despite his own past voting to deregulate Wall Street banks in 2000 and voting for war and bombing throughout the 90s. Then he made sure Democratic voters would remain hostile to him in the future by helping Trump’s white supremacy win by kneecapping Hillary, contesting her convention despite losing by millions of votes. Bernie had been a superdelegate since the 1990s and never had any problem with the system until a woman backed by black voters kicked his butt. Sexist and racist af.

In 2020, he lost again by millions of votes despite outraising and outspending his opponents, because his campaign strategy sucked. He failed to outreach to the Hillary coalition that already outnumbered his, alienating them by again embracing fringe nutjobs like Susan Sarandon, Cornel West, and Nina Turner. His own black staffers blew the whistle on how shabby his campaign’s black outreach was, failing to even seek the endorsement of influential black politicians. He alienated AOC by embracing anti-trans racist Joe Rogan. He failed to rein-in his Berniebro bullies, ensuring that none of his competitors would endorse him. And he failed to properly address the rampant sex harassment on his 2016 campaign, which included paying hush money to a pervert staffer. The coup was Bernie’s crappy campaign.

And when the Bernie left us echoing Trump’s NO COLLUSION lies, that alone demonstrates why these psycho brocialists aren’t taken seriously by Democratic base. Trump publicly called for Russia hacking, his crime family met with Russian spies in Trump Tower to exchange election meddling for an end to sanctions, his campaign manager (who helped Putin steal elections in Ukraine) gave stolen data to the Kremlin to help them target the propagangda that depressed turnout about black and youth voters. The Bernie brocialist left lies about it because 1) they hate black voters as much as the right, 2) they don’t want to admit they got duped by Emailghazigatepalooza propaganda, and 3) they needed 2016 to be all the fault of Hillary/“the DNC” to justify their attempted fringe left takeover of the party.

Fortunately, black voters and the Democratic base showed the lying extremist Trumpanzee and Berniebro bigots the door in 2020. And if this stupid, dishonest, crybaby, sore loser, Trumoesque article is any indication of their mindset, these unhinged losers will keep alienating voters and keep losing.

Exactly, and that replacement may well be something far less friendly to the lower class people in this nation than our current constitution. There are NO requirements or guarantees as to what is or isn’t to be done once a constitutional convention is convened. And I was NOT talking about patching our current constitution, which a country boy would have known. What is planned for the next constitutional convention is a total rewrite, wiping out ninety percent, or more, of the bill of rights, to be replaced by basically a bill of wrongs. If you are the wrong color, no help. If you are from the wrong family line, no help. For both of those, and a number of other groups, there will be no place for you under that new constitution.