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The Birth of a Bill, the Death of an Activist

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/18/birth-bill-death-activist


So sad. Another significant person lost to the on-going struggle for decency.
RIP, Regan.


Wow, I have another heroine. Thank you Regan.



Both Canadians and USAns - any society subjected to the ‘chains’ of production under capitalism run amok - live under the absolutely essential predation premise of ‘externalization of costs’. Being externalized here is

  1. consciousness: You are locked down not as human being with conscience, free will, ethics and awareness, but as CONSUMER - a gullet NOTHING MORE. Your humanity is “externalized” by the CHAIN. Really think about the implications of that. Another term for it is studied alienation/negation/elimination by the system.

Stop for a moment and consider the utterly incompetent marketing of feeding people by requiring that NO ANIMAL HAS PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.

Do you think for even a moment that if this system saw your dog or cat, or horse or any other 4 legged, wined, scaled or other creature with WHOM you, your children and people you know establish relationships - if these creatures were suddenly seen as representing the potential for some “business” to get “rich” - do you think the status as part of your family would make a difference? No, no, no there has NEVER been genocide practiced by fascists. It all in your imagination (sic)

Think also of the predation on LANGUAGE ITSELF. Don’t ever allow corrupt police to be called pigs. It plays right into the predation handbook. Pigs are intelligent, affectionate and like all creatures, if you abuse them their psyche can be damaged and they can develop aggressive behaviors. Sound familiar? Sound human even?

Now think about the supply “chains”.
We are currently living through a period where THE CHAINS ARE BROKEN. So, patriotic Americans, is that terminology so loaded with self-loathing that it is preferred to place yourself back in chains? Or, perhaps, we establish production based on interrelational balances and well being. Food co-ops are a start. That is a model that can be ‘built- out’ in whatever way the imagination can conceive.

Words, practices, identity and control are already inextricably interwoven. Pay attention to them, they are REAL.

When I step back and look at the problem, it already contains the solution. Looks like things may just bad enough that the mind of the human beings will once again realize that like our DNA we are 99.999% THE SAME
do unto others as you would have them do unto you …I am because you are … I am another yourself.