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The Birth of a Movement

The Birth of a Movement

Robert C. Koehler

The sense of resistance was fierce:

“Grab ’em by the profits” . . . “Keep your hands out of my wherever” . . . “NOT DECLAWED” . . .

But it was also, oh Lord, joyous — in a scraped raw kind of way, you might say. For instance, the young woman with the bullhorn, who led the chant where I was walking, had almost no voice left as she shouted “Show me what democracy looks like!” But as soon as the marchers shouted back, “This is what democracy looks like!” she threw her vocal cords back into it, and somehow, oh, somehow, I could feel it: the birth of a movement.


Why Robert, you made me cry. I’ve made contact through Indivisible with some locals - a woman of course. By the great dog in heaven I hope you’re right.


yes! i like this koehler post! to be truthful must say i had overlooked the women’s march presuming it just another special interests protest. most of us know that elitism, racism, sexism, militarism, imperialism and all such are long embedded systemic problems. yet the mood of the day seems to lay decades of inequality at d. j. trump’s feet. yes in deed trump does exemplify the worst qualities of the system, but this nation has been speeding down the wrong track for generations and like any run-away train we’re picking up speed every day.

“Show me what democracy looks like!” But as soon as the marchers shouted back, “This is what democracy looks like!” she threw her vocal cords back into it, and somehow, oh, somehow, I could feel it: the birth of a movement."
the very word "democracy" means government by the people and in my opinion the u.s. set out on a goal in 1788 to create such a democracy. we had a blueprint in the constitution and bill of rights, but governors have worked long and hard to keep the people in the role of observer not a participant. people must understand that democracy isn't just about voting; democracy is a way of life. all policy--both domestic and foreign must derive from the will of the people with full access to information.
But these rallies were also more than a sum of their parts. They were a culmination — a fusion — of the issues the participants stood for, and thus they were something new, nameless, in the process of becoming.
a fusion of the issues! in a discussion on our right to safe drinking water one lovely poster said, "ridiculous comparison to Flint.......... there are about 100,000 people in Flint and perhaps 5,000 or 6,000 in the entire Standing Rock area." in his mind we can sacrifice a few thousand people to promote corporate welfare. if we are to get back on track headed for democracy, we must understand that the majority cannot exclude the minority in the fight for our rights. after all, a lynch mob can claim majority rule but that's not what democracy looks like.
While the rally I joined clearly was focused on women’s rights, those rights didn’t feel in any way separate from my own rights or needs. Indeed, a celebratory vibration continued to swell as I walked and swayed and danced with the enormous crowd down Jackson Street to Chicago’s Federal Plaza. On Dearborn Street, in front of the plaza, the music began. Suddenly everyone began singing the old Bill Withers song, “Lean on Me”:

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong/ And I’ll be your friend/ I’ll help you carry on/ For it won’t be long/ ’Til I’m gonna need/ Somebody to lean on.”

I felt cradled in the collective soul, connected to everyone there — including the police, including the very, very few counter-demonstrators (one guy, holding a sign comparing abortion to the Holocaust). This was peace.

you know, when the gloria steinem began the feminist movement, i though of the idea as one meant to free all of us, men and women from the limitations of who we are and what we can accomplish as defined by the patriarchy. neither the government nor the corporate powers have the right to rule over our minds, spirits and bodies. only Nature defines us! My pick for the best signs:

[Men of quality do not fear equality] and a little humor [“Dogs for equality.”]

This was not spectator America, helplessly watching the news.

This was a turning point. This was a beginning.

okay, the ball is our court! let’s hang on with all our might!

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Indeed, DT could well be the catalyst that sparks a revolution against the excessive greed that grips the leadership of this nation. I’m not writing about our elected officials, though they are not blameless, but those who tell them what to do for a majority of them are certainly Not listening to America…

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I like the post- but where were the people when the banks crashed the global economy? Where were they when Wall Street was deregulated in 1999? Come on- this is much more emotional because it is about immigrants.

Oh yeah - and where were they when our own tribal people have been mistreated throughout the years- including the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier for over forty years.

Your questions are right on the mark. But where we were then is no longer relevant - we can only proceed from where we are now. And proceed we must if we are to survive as a species. Frankly, I think our ‘elected’ leaders are every bit as much to blame as the shadow government. They are the ones that have ignored the constitution (no wars of aggression) and consistently voted against equality for women (and minorities). They are the ones who have written the laws that allow the filthy rich to hide from taxes, and who have ignored the anti-trust laws.

Let us all hope that this truly is ‘the birth of a movement’. And if so, count me in as one who will feed its growth.


You may remember that many of us were busy losing homes jobs and being lied to about change we could believe in. This time it is different because DT has run and been elected as a populist and he is stuffing his cabinet and appointees as if he was Grover Norquist flushing babies. DT is fast running out of wiggle room and he won’t be able to BS and bluster his way out of this one.

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“>>>>>>>> The Birth of a Movement <<<<<<<<
This was not spectator America, helplessly watching the news.
This was a turning point. This was a beginning.”

Who said nothing good would come from the Trump regime?

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And the name of the movement is Naturally Together Sisters, out of Citizens Un-tied/United Against the Juggernaut

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Pwr 2 the RESISTING peons!