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The "Blame the Poor" Playbook—Used by Republicans and Democrats Alike—Is Back With a Vengeance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/21/blame-poor-playbook-used-republicans-and-democrats-alike-back-vengeance

For the past year, I lived with the people described above. The poor, the disabled, the elderly, all thrown under the bus by their families. I was relatively wealthy compared to them, and was able to help four others with food and other necessities. I had no food security myself-closest grocery store was a mile and a half away. No medical care. But we did have a dollar store, three bars, payday loan clipjoint, liquor store, and a casino. No public transportation. So…I learned to scrounge rides, then load up on supplies. I even hitched a couple times. One thing that set us apart from the well-to-do-we helped each other the best we could. We shared what we had. And we talked. Oh, forgot to mention there was a consignment shop where the rich of the area dumped their stuff for others to buy at reduced(but still pricey)cost.
We are the anawim, the downtrodden, ignored, vilified through no fault of ours. I was lucky; I had enough money to get the hell out and return to my hometown after the year’s lease expired. But I left the others, to my grief. USA-United States of Abuse.


Dear Corporate America-----well what with so many factories and jobs imploding—what can Americans expect for their tax dollars? Really, because-----it’s especially sad in towns that had one big employer—and when the job goes—who will buy their houses?
When Walmart comes to town and undercuts the family stores, or when Amazon is easier because gas costs too much to get anywhere to shop.
I went back to the 1960s and saw that minimum wage was $1.65, and in Kentucky today, I think it’s just $7.25---------so do you truly expect people to have a place to live and food at the amount of money?
And, by the way Congress, back in the 1960s, you made $30,000, which was a lot then—but today you make an entry level salary of $174, 000. Wow, what big raises you have given yourselves.
And as for the evil Scalia person, WTF with," corporations are people too." It was only 230 years ago when 1789 showed up in France------ and when conditions start to resemble a small top heavy “leadership,” it’s really hard for People—people of any nation not to get angry at the silliness and the stupidity of those who think they are leaders. Sadly, the tide is turning towards, blame the rich playbook-- and people are getting angry , with good reason-- see recent history of Puerto Rico— and a crowd made of righteous anger can be the scariest anger that there is!

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I wonder how many people are homeless because of a crappy transportation system?

It’s not socialism or capitalism ------it’s the COMMONS------we all have a right to survive on this planet-----and the COMMONS exists right now–people have a right to clean air , water, land and natural resources----------------people have a right to eat , house and cloth themselves beyond the power of these made up state system created by the elites. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM–SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Bombs for Yemen? Oh — and Pestilent Chump’s next Nuremberg rally.

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A hell of a lot! If you can’t find affordable housing near a place of employment, and can’t afford a car, and if there’s no other way to get to work…well, you’re screwed, big time. Yet, time and time again, I’ve heard employers say, “It’s YOUR responsibility to be able to get to work. And to get here on time.” Yet employers make no effort to see if there are places for possible employees to live close by, or ways to get to work. It’s a lose-win situation. People lose, Corporations win.

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Hi Goebbels Sez"
Well, you did make me laugh–but it’s still horrifying! : (

GREED Capitalism is the disease; Socialism is the cure!

THAT is the difference between rich/poor and Greed Capitalism/Democratic Socialism.


And in a world that was not controlled by the “Haves”, you would be correct. However, reality is not that way.