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The Blueprint for the Most Radical City on the Planet


The Blueprint for the Most Radical City on the Planet

Bill Quigley

“If we do not save the environment, then whatever we do in civil rights, or in a war against poverty, then whatever we do will be of no meaning because then we will have the equality of extinction.”

The Mississippi State Capitol in downtown Jackson.


Clearly a model that should be replicated throughout the US - community coops to replace the scourge of remote corporate ownership.


The thought that I might someday want to relocate to Mississippi (Goddam!) had never occured to me until reading this article. I’ve long advocated just such “building the new world inside the ruins of the old,” with the understanding that all such efforts must be explicitly and comprehensively anticapitalist to succeed long-term.


You see the occasional piece on Jackson - where I used to live - in the relatively visible “alternative media”, but far less than what one hopes is happening there should merit

And you have to wonder just why that is, don’t you?


This is very good news! I wish them much success! We need more of this.


AS a rabid American history buffs it is interesting to note that this is not new idea, for blacks or whites, but religious white patriotic and bigoted nuts have always destroyed such movements.
We had the Black Panther movement that started out peacefully doing great things only to be undercut and tore apart by local state and federal legal and illegal acts against them.
As for new the Malcom X has been around for long while and faced an uphill battle against same white led legal injustices. Always there have been those of any race ready and willing to destroy movements for a wistful of IN GOD WE TRUST.
If they can keep all political parties from
usurping the movement then maybe the program can make at least locally a great place to live.
Forget white professional progressives as most talk a good game but they always seem to like the status quo of nations political and economic systems.