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The Bodies Pile Up in Yemen's Civil War and Saudi Arabia's Bombing Campaign, But Who is Counting the Casualties?



This is history repeating itself. Just like the League of Nations before WW2. We now have a ineffective body called the UN that allows countries like the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia to commit
genocide and attack sovereign countries around the world like Yemen. This is a recipe of disaster that
will lead us into WW3.


The people in the street told Bush not to open pandora's box.


With the United States leading the bombing with it's intelligence it is the United States that is behind the slaughter.


But who will go to the United Nations against the United States?



What a Century. This whole Fake 'War on Terror' is about making money on Wall Street by selling arms all over the world.

Nothing else. There's no good guys and bad guys in these conflicts. There's just the agitation arm of the CIA at the behest of the Fortune 500 sliding support to today's "Freedom Fighters" who tomorrow will be "Terrorists" requiring Billions in new agency funding.

Seven years ago I pulled my 401K out of all Fortune 500 companies since all the funds invariably have war company stocks in them. I have paid the price. At least I sleep better at night.