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The Bold Bravery of 'Beautiful Country Burn Again'


The Bold Bravery of 'Beautiful Country Burn Again'

Bill Moyers

If you only have time for one political book this season, I have just the one for you: Ben Fountain’s Beautiful Country Burn Again. It’s the boldest, bravest and most bracing book about politics that I have read this year. Fountain has a solid following for his fiction.


Good to hear from you Bill Moyers, always respect your recommendations and this sounds like an interesting read. It is all about what we are being threatened with, how to destroy democracy thru inequality, no representative government for all or equal opportunity or justice.


This article has got to be one of the most incisive discourses on the tragic, ugly, interconnected cultural, social, economic, political breakdowns, divisions, anger tearing our country apart that started 40 years ago … and is now going at full throttle until the inevitable societal explosion occurs!


Yes, this was a great article and the book sounds great. Can the FDR world ( but without interring people) be revived? I think so, but it has to do with our relationship with BIG MONEY .Money is not free speech-----but it does overpower free speech. I suppose people have to start small, and small in the sense that no money goes to the HUGE GUYS…so I can’t buy any Georgia Pacific because that’ s the Koch head brothers. Sheldon Adelson has too much money and too much power, but I don’t ever go to Las Vegas or Nevada—I’ll have to find something else with him and diss that!

I try not to use a lot of main stream news because it so often doesn’t give much to think about. Definitely don’t buy anything from Amazon, because he is building up Bezos, not Americans, and I worry about all those workers who are treated so badly with being timed in their wrist movements and denied bathroom breaks.

So, I guess it’s THINK BIG but buy small. Because otherwise we are paying the “Enemies of the People!”


Representative democracy is a sub variety of democracy.

Representative democracy is part of the capitalist system, it is designed to mostly represent capital.

Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate. Autonomous democracy may be what’s coming. That would be nice.


Ask yourself if capitalism is conducive to the equality implied in “democracy”. Ask yourself if capitalism is environmentally sustainable then ask yourself what must give.


But the other foundational principle is freedom which too many have interpreted as license, a corruption of J.S. Mills ideas and it undermines equality. Freedom needs boundaries in which to operate.


This time we nationalize them. And about time too. Always the apologists for capitalism rear their heads after so many boom and bust cycles.