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'The Bold Solution We Need': Over 100 Academics Endorse Sanders Student Debt Cancellation and Tuition-Free College Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/27/bold-solution-we-need-over-100-academics-endorse-sanders-student-debt-cancellation

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No Krugman of course. Hey, someone’s got to pay his salary. “The annual list price to attend Princeton University on a full time basis for 2017/2018 is $66,150 for all students regardless of their residency.”


Clinton didn’t give him permission to sign

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Bernie would be smarter to accept some form of means testing and sliding scale re. free college. It’s an electability strategy which would insulate him from the negative spin we can all expect. Bernie has enough “negatives” on his agenda–and the chief of which is his abject failure to provide a coherent description of medicare for all implementation and how to finance it. Last night he should have launched into the defense budgets and cost of the wars–these elephants in the room will pay for college AND health care–or most of it. I want Bernie to succeed, am a small contributor, but I am becoming frustrated w his rollout of the same memorized answers to serious questions that should require detail and a tailored response.