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The Bolton Administration Has Already Begun


The Bolton Administration Has Already Begun

John Feffer

For a man with a reputation for venting spleen and flying off the handle, John Bolton bided his time before finally rising to the position of power he now occupies.


Let us not forget that since the Carter Administration Iranian assets within the USA have been frozen. This totals some 120 BILLION dollars which belongs to the People of Iran which the USA all has all but stolen. Under the treaty this money in time would have had to of been returned to Iran and Iran has recently de-pegged from the dollar meaning they would have dumped these dollars in favor of other currencies.

Libya , Iraq and Syria are other countries that started to dump the US dollar in favor of other Currencies and Russia and China both work towards that goal. Fundamentally this drives US Policy the World over. Use OUR currency or we will kill you.

Democracy, Human rights or concerns over terrorism or other military threats have nothing to with how Foreign Policy in the USA in fact works.


(applause)…It’s too bad that more people don’t understand this. It’s all about money, wealth and resources.


Hear no EVIL
See no Evil
Say no Evil hence it does not exist in the oossaaa