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The Bolton-Pompeo Package


The Bolton-Pompeo Package

Paul Pillar

This week John Bolton assumes the job of national security advisor. Given that a key function of that position is to ensure that the bureaucracy provides the relevant options and most accurate information to the president before major national security decisions, it is hard to think of anyone more ill suited to that duty.


Just Add C4 and Detonate.

Guaranteed to make you smile.


A diddly duo of death-embracers.


Life is short enough as it is. History is written by the wicked leaving out all of the truth parts. The common people know the truth just by observing the lies going on around them . Blatant endless lies. Lying to the public a required attribute to get anywhere in politics. The long entrenched liars are money in the pot, there will no getting rid of these aggressive cancers on the public till. Get elected, win over and over again and serve for life.


Putting Pompeo Maximus in the State Dept just might end up being bloodier than the Roman Empire under Caligula. Tillerson for all his faults understood business and didn’t want to wash his hands in blood the way the other State Department heads with blood aplenty and other horrible deaths on their hands. Why is this country so damn violent? Diplomacy is now an archaic term in dictionaries, forgotten by those in charge these days that use force as a way of life. As Bush II said your either with us or against us. I reinterpret that to mean our way or be bombed to rubble and have death and destruction as a way of life. Pompeo Maximus offers no hope at all for a peaceful existence.


I wonder if the criminals making up the majority in Congress would be spurred into taking positive action if the UN General Assembly were to censure the USA as the world’s greatest danger to peace and human rights. As I see it, a majority of the 535(?) members of Congress are right now violating their Oath to uphold the Constitution. Crimes are being committed left and right by the Trespasser-in-Chief, who openly runs his crooked business ventures IN OUR HOUSE, yet Congress doesn’t even impeach, let alone remove him. In other words, the USA no longer has a legitimate and functioning government. Surely the rest of the nations have the right to band together and defend themselves against the excesses of a rogue national government that has abandoned it’s constitution and now endangers everyone on the planet with its threats of nuclear war. Don’t be surprised to wake up some morning and find that the USA has been put under sanctions by the civilized nations of the world.

Bolton and Pompeo are just more of the slime Trump found in his wallowing around in the swamp. Apparently, not only water seeks its own level: excrement does, too.


I can’t really imagine our government being too concerned about the corrupt, bigots representing mostly dictatorships at the UN. Few if any take the UN seriously and that is a good thing.


The UN is an admittedly very flawed tool to help promote world peace, but it is what we have. Before the UN, we had two world wars in less than forty years. Had George Bush listened to the UN, as required by International Law, rather than rushing into a series of war crimes, he would still be able to leave the USA without fearing being snatched off to The Hague for trial, AND the people of the world would still have access to our history that he destroyed in Iraq. Ditto, now, for Donald Dumbass, He has that same sick and twisted “I am above the law” attitude that will one day get the USA overrun by “Lean barbarians from the East”. History repeats itself until we learn from it. By the way, if you want to know who the worst war mongers are in our world, just look at which country spends the most on war materials and Military.