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The Boss on the Apprentice: He's a "Moron"


The Boss on the Apprentice: He's a "Moron"

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Bruce Springsteen, the rock n' roll embodiment of the Everyman, minced no words when asked his thoughts on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. "The republic is under siege by a moron, basically," the singer told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview preview published Friday.

"Without overstating it, it's a tragedy for our democracy," he continued.


“I like Hillary. I think she would be a very, very good president.” – Bruce Springsteen

The Boss has spoken.


A multimillionaire rock star as “Everyman”? Are you kidding?

The only other thing surprising about this is everyone isn’t calling Trump a moron, Clinton a militaristic oligarch and voting for Jill Stein, the only candidate in the race with practical solutions to all our main problems.


You mean that jerk who can’t sing said that?


“Practical solutions to all our main problems.” Well all right then, you certainly convinced me.


Speaking of music, I think I came up with a pretty cool thing to put on a placard at a rally for Jill Stein (or maybe a bumper sticker). But likely improvable (I’m not much of a music person), please take a whack at it if you want:

I’ve had it with these Honky Tonks, <- apropriate?
I’m going with the Stein way.
or perhaps
I’m going the Stein way


Good President on another Planet maybe.


After reading this article, I have the feeling Springsteen is basically a moron and the country will be in crisis for the foreseeable future.


Trump may be a moron, too bad Bruce thinks Hillary is sane!

" I like Hillary, I think she would make a very good president."


Every election year major entertainers are expected to support one side or the other as part of media’s effort to maintain the facade of a democracy with open and fair elections. Most of them do. Do you remember a few years back when Taylor Swift was asked to perform for Obama and refused? She said she did not think she should tell anyone how to vote. The media made her look quite awkward.


Yea and she then could rule over some kind of Reptilian race there. ; )


Your voting for Stein for practical reasons? I can understand voting for her for purely ideological reasons, or even because you think it will elect Trump without having to vote him, but practical? Simply no.


In order to get the lesser evil?

  1. How does that afford practical solutions to climate change over the next 4 years?
  2. It is perhaps a practical fundraising tool. Different issue.


Not a member of the Taylor Swift Fan Club, so no, I don’t remember. I imagine few do. Who’s she dating these days?


You’re not bound by any definition of practical. Sort of my point.


My only ideology IS the practical. It’s informed by science and ancient wisdom and the freedom from unconscious compulsions that doing work on oneself allows. Neither of the duopoly party candidates (or Johnson) has a program to address the ecological crisis on any practical level–that is, on any level that will avoid utter cataclysm. Their programs are programs of complacency, killing of awareness, and destruction. You’re implying that voting for chaos, violence, death, suffering and destruction is practical. I disagree.

Not only have they not put forward any program to avoid catastrophe, not one of those 3 has any interest in such a program, and if elected they’ll never even tolerate such a program without reacting violently to stop it. Every single vote for Stein is a vote for the only candidate and party willing to to change how and how soon civilization ends and how much and how fast suffering of people and other beings increases–as it already is. In the end, speaking geologically, poetically, and in the most real sense embodyable, every vote for either duopoly candidate or anyone else on the right is an utterly wasted act that will happen only moments before the then nearly inevitable destruction of civilization and the extinction of millions of species–maybe the end of all life on Earth. Since any vote for them is a vote for that near-term end, what possible difference could it make which of them you vote for, of if you vote at all, or do anything at all? Why not just curl up in a ball and wait? The only practical actions here are to vote for Stein and join the peaceful revolution that it will take to avoid catastrophe.

Voting for Stein is a vote against destruction. Voting for anyone else who’s running is a vote for it. Every vote Stein is closer to the insane morons running is a vote that pushes her up toward the tipping point of being acceptable to the equally insane self-tying Gordian knotpeople, the “I’m not voting for her because she can’t win” circular argument idiots. Whether that pushes her into office now, or places her as the logical alternative when the complete bankruptcy of the duopoly finally becomes clear to the average citizen-consumer/voter it’s still by far the only practical and wise choice. When it becomes clear to the average deceived dolt that the programs the duopoly is pushing have failed miserably, and we do an iceland, we’ll need someone untainted by the touch of insanity to take over. By then it’s likely to be too late to save civilization, but since we don’t know that for sure, the only practical action is to plan a contingency based on it.

When and how did we end up with the idea that a vote is supposed to go not to the candidate a voter wants but to the one the voter thinks is going to win? And when did that idea become unassailable-seeming to those who waste their votes that way? This is the bizarre world of the psychological system of empire, gaslighting and FUDding everyone into either going along or giving up. Like corporations that give money to both duopoly candidates so they have some strings they can pull to whoever gets into office, this idea is backwards, twisted, and insane, a complete corruption of the idea that voting is based on. In that it’s like every other part of the insane system we’ve ended up with. A vote for Stein is a vote for sanity. Nothing’s more practical.