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The Bottom Line: Go for the Money

The Bottom Line: Go for the Money

Rivera Sun

It's rare to hear business magazines admit the power of nonviolent action. As the editor of Nonviolence News, a service that collects and shares 30-50+ stories of nonviolence in action each week, I often see business journals minimizing the effect of activism.

“Direct action gets the goods.”
–Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, or “Wobblies”) slogan


Boycotts work even better !

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This is why the elite are so afraid of BDS and why they want to make BDS a criminal action.

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Modifying corporate behavior shouldn’t be an end in itself.

The end game needs to be the end to their existence.

Haven’t heard of the Wobblies being quoted in a long time. 1971 was the last mention I’ve heard. They include boycotts in their playbook as well.

Can a leopard change its spots. Some believe so in that investors will altruistically sacrifice short-term self-enrichment for the future of the planet and its people. It makes for good PR, but the truth is more subtle.
Ethical funds are just a fraction of the £4.5tn investment industry.
An example is that the world’s five major tobacco companies are thriving, profitable and increasing sales. With divestment, someone with a lot less scruples, a lot less concern over long-term impact becomes the principal investor.

The fossil fuel divestment campaign makes demands that no corporate executive could ever meet. They must: stop searching for new hydrocarbons, stop lobbying for special breaks from government, and commit to leaving their existing reserves in the ground. The consequences to share price from announcing such policies is greater than the threat posed by green investors taking out their money.

Stop tinkering with capitalism - Get rid of it entirely

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If you’re going to insist on coloring between the lines, this is absolutely good advice and the way to go.

Even those wanting more radical solutions should be supporting approaches like this with enthusiasm.

Well done. Nail those shareholders! :slight_smile: