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The Boy in the Ambulance Offers Glimpse of 'Profound Horrors' in Syria


The Boy in the Ambulance Offers Glimpse of 'Profound Horrors' in Syria

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Laying bare the horrors of Syria's ongoing civil war, heartbreaking footage of a young boy rescued from the rubble following an airstrike in Aleppo has gone viral.


From the moment Obama stepped into office he wanted regime change in Syria.
So did Hillary.
Now these two warmongers have the blood of 400 thousand dead Syrian's on their hands and not a clue about how to end the horror.

Here's a plan:
1. Get off Assad's back.
2. Negotiate with Assad, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and the opposition groups about the best way to get rid of al Qaeda, the el Nusra Front, and ISIS.

It's not much of a plan, but it's better then the plan Obama and Hillary have, which is no plan at all except to wage more war and kill more people.


This report, or these multiple reports, on the bombing in Aleppo, Syria by two Cold War motivated governments, should make any thinking, human, being sick. If everyone who read these accounts, and saw these photos of the injured child, covered in blood and ashes, would take the step to call their elected rep and just give them a piece of your mind, it would be lots better than just commenting cleverly, here on CD. The fact that over 700 hospitals in Syria have been bombed during this period, and 250,000 Syrians killed is not registering with us, and it needs to happen, and then prompt action. If aid cannot get through due to fighting, that is fixable, governments (and the militants to whom we give money) must have cease fires. If hospitals are bombed, with all the evidence that's needed from journalists to document this, then humanitarian law has been broken, and we need to demand that this be acknowledged, and justice pursued against the entities who bomb a hospital. Action to stop this atrocious blood-letting in Syria is needed now.



Twenty years ago the same American Zionist neocons who one year later would form PNAC (The Project for the New American Century, wishing for a "new Pearl Harbor") wrote A Clean Break - A New Strategy For Securing the Realm, a position paper for then Prime Minister Netanyahu which advocated regime change in Iraq and pushing Assad off the Arabian Peninsula, the goal being to separate Syria and Hezbollah from Iranian support, then take on Iran.

PNAC got their "new Pearl Harbor," the intel was cooked to topple Saddam and trash Iraq, and from there it was "on to Tehran by way of Damascus." CIA agitation got the "civil war" started in Syria, with Turkish, Saudi, Israeli and Gulf State support for the terrorist organizations that would collectively become known as ISIS, the wedge the PNAC crowd envisioned splitting Syria apart.

But things haven't turned out exactly how President Cheney and his mouthpiece GW Bush expected. Toppling Saddam led to a Shia government, resulting in close ties between Baghdad and Tehran, the opposite of PNAC's intent. And just as the "civil war" was closing in on Damascus the Russians got involved, backing their longtime Syrian ally. Unlike the US and its allies, the Russians actually went after ISIS, instead of just pretending to do so.

[on edit] Erdogan did a 180. Having supported the US-Israeli-Saudi backed terrorists against Assad since the outset, Turkey recently did an about face, embracing the Russian role in fighting ISIS, and closing the border with Syria.

Now the Iranians have given to Russia access to their air bases to bomb ISIS, forming a military alliance the Iranians have announced will continue beyond the fight against ISIS. And the Chinese have just pledged military assistance to Syria.

PNAC's wet dream is ashambles. Instead of US-Israeli-Saudi domination of the region and elimination of Iranian influence while keeping the Russians at bay, the exact opposite has happened.

How did this happen? In a nutshell, the American wars in the Middle East have been wars of choice. Our "armchair warriors" safely ensconced in DC spend their time raising money, attending parties, golfing, hosting champion sports teams and music events at the White House, and from time to time review how their war of choice is progressing. For the governments and people of the Middle East, and their next door neighbors the Russians, these are not wars of choice. They are struggles for their very survival in the face of American Imperialism.

And little boys like Omran are the ones who suffer the most.

Damn the evil criminals who have commandeered the Ship of State to do their dirty work.


These "wars of choice" are Oil Wars.
The plutocrats get rich and the oligarchy stays in power.

Hillary and Trump are both plutocrats who are entrenched in the oligarchy.

"Power to the People."


Recently the one of these terrorist groups in Syria was "rebranded" so that the US could continue to send in arms and munitions.


ISIS and Daesh are US proxies.


Primarily about power in the region, which of course involves oil, but a whole lot more as well.

And in this case it's not oil per se but natural gas, the issue being whether Iran or the Gulf States develop and sell to Europe natural gas from the vast field underlying the Persian Gulf.


Speaking as an American, these are our taxes, this is our government, this is our reputation so how much longer do we tolerate this outrage?


Tax dollars?


I think the word you are looking for is, 'quaint.'


And many of these weapons were "stolen" by the US from the ashes of Clinton's Libya and shipped covertly through Clinton's State Department and through our US embassy in Libya. Ambassador Stevens died. Can't you just hear that cackle? "We came, we saw, he died! Yes Hillary; and hundreds of thousands of others have died and had their lives destroyed, including our own Ambassador. And to think there are still some who will vote for you and the shame you and your ilk have brought on our country.


These are the kinds of things that propelled me to vote green in 2012, and why I will be voting green in 2016. It boggles my mind how people can just turn a blind eye to people's pain and suffering, as if hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east never existed.

Even mainstream democrats seem to recognize, domestically, that putting some controls on firearms might reduce the kind of violence that goes with them. Such is the case in most other developed countries besides the United States. But as soon as it becomes foreign policy, that realization disappears, and somehow it becomes okay to pour billions of dollars worth of weapons into already shattered countries.

When I try to look at the issue from the other way around, it is almost so absurd that it defies imagination. I mean, imagine for a moment that police in the US killed 1140 people, mostly minorities in 2015. ((This is something that actually happened, according to records compiled by the Guardian.)) Then imagine that a foreign power, maybe Russia or France, steps up to the world stage and says, "The USA is killing their own citizens, we must intervene." Imagine the chaos and destruction that would follow if said foreign power began dropping bombs on US police stations, and started funneling billions of dollars worth of heavy machine guns, explosives, anti-tank missiles, and various small arms to anti-government factions in places like Texas, or wherever.

Perhaps instead of throwing more fuel on the fire, we should stop pouring weapons into the region. Maybe, just maybe, we should actually try to stop weapons from getting into the region.


Good question. Why is it that we are so afraid to use the word violence in our discussions of protest tactics, when our own government wields unimaginable violence in our names and with our money to try and get its way ALL OVER THE WORLD and in our own streets at home? Fear is a powerful, controlling emotion.


US policy in Syria, should be called Terrorist R US. Because that exactly what there doing.


It would appear that a lot of people in the US have not given that question much thought. It is the key to the door which opens up toward world peace. It is the key the MIC run US government holds and will not relinquish without a very big fight.


Aren't you getting a little hoarse? A little aside; I just noticed your picture. lol


Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., the pigs of war have important meetings, spend a few hundred dollars each per day on power lunches and dinners, talk in very pragmatic and serious hush tones about who they are going to lobby who is lobbying for whom and at what price, how much this person is worth, and the rest.

While this kid bleeds, sitting alone in shock, probably having lost his mom, dad, sister, or brother, or all of them, the power brokers who pull the strings of US foreign policy check their fucking phones for more important messages, and play with their favorite apps.

I'm so fucking sick of all of it.

There is a special anniversary coming up. Prepare to start questioning if you haven't already. And yes, it is on topic.


I was going to say something very similar. Sit DOWN and negotiate with the Assad government.


That is what sane, ethical people would do.
Unfortunately the people who have the power in this country to do that are ruthless murders.


Why in the world are we allowing this horror to be committed, Russia along with Tyrant Asad killed innocent civilians many more times than ISIS and all other terror group put together, this is as per Humans Rights International and Amnesty and by UN, so why the world is not acting against Russian terror on
women and childerns ? that just goes to show if you are powerful you can get
away with any crime and we sending a message to terror groups that acquire WMD like Russia and you can commit any crime at your will. How coward are we, SHAME.