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The Boy Scouts Can Do Better Than Teaming up With Trump’s EPA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/04/boy-scouts-can-do-better-teaming-trumps-epa

Wow equating the Boy Scouts with Progressivism is a bit of a stretch .
Ok , here it goes .
The author is delusional . the scouts are nothing more than early training for brainwashed patriotism and military ‘service’ .
I was in the Boy Scouts in the fifties and it was a joke . The scout master was either drunk or fondling the boys . He went after my friends but avoided me cause i was a crazy person that would retaliate .
The guy was so stupid that when he took us on a camping trip , he let the boys throw poison oak in the camp fire . Several boys ended up in the hospital with severe lung damage .
Yeah teach those young boys how to be blindly patriotic to their war mongering country , give them some little patches they can sew onto to their uniforms and you will have an endless stream of robotic fools ready to kill or be killed for the rich . Fk the Boy Scouts.


Ya Think??   Equating the Boy Scouts with the Hitler Youth would be FAR more appropriate.


I’ve been seeing TV infomercials on heavy rotation lately for lawyers looking for Boy Scout abuse victims. There is a deadline in November for anyone to join what looks like a class action lawsuit. The Boy Scouts seem to have made a deal in their recent bankruptcy case to allocate a certain amount for payments to their victims, and I guess still continue operating without having to pay any more damages. The infomercials said records kept by the Boy Scouts show about 12 thousand victims of about 7 thousand perpetrators reported abuse to the Boy Scouts over the years. They said the oldest victim who has come forward is 92 years old. That suggests this pattern of abuse has been around as long as the Boy Scouts. Victims of the Catholic Church span all ages as well. It’s like if you build a habitat for child molesters, then child molesters will populate the ecosystem you made for them.