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The Bradley Foundation's Secret War on Gay Marriage and Liberal Sex


The Bradley Foundation's Secret War on Gay Marriage and Liberal Sex

Richard Eskow

A trove of documents exposed by the Center for Media and Democracy shows that the right-wing Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation wants to build a right-wing “infrastructure” across the country to promote its extreme agenda.

Unfortunately, the Foundation’s desire to police what happens in American bedrooms is part of that agenda.


What is "liberal sex"?




I"m 61 why don't these politicans grow uo?


It is amazing that will all the troubles bearing down on human techno civilization and its live in help that there people whose greatest concern is that there are people out there amung us behaving sexually in ways they dissaprove of and have large well funded organizations dedicated to putting a stop to it.


Before you know it, these religious fanatics will be blaming God for giving humans sex organs to begin with.


Lots, of course.


Dear Bradley Foundation, since you are so much into scientific sexual research, I think you should grant some money to buy your board and researchers copies of Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl. You might learn a thing or two that you can take up in your next conversation with God......who created all life on the planet? And then man...and woman? Get back to me with your opinions, ok?


One of the videos requested for funding, would warn of "...the Campus Sexual Environment.", which is what Stanford University rapist Brock Turner's father disingenuously blamed, when his son was caught having sex with an unconscious woman behind Frat House bushes, in 2015, before he was seen, and stopped by two other students.


Re: "Regnerus ... claimed, for example, that “liberal” and “very liberal” women want to have much more sex than other women."

Is that supposed to be a 'bad thing'?