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The Brazilian Coup and Washington’s “Rollback” in Latin America


The Brazilian Coup and Washington’s “Rollback” in Latin America

Mark Weisbrot

It is clear that the executive branch of the U.S. government favors the coup underway in Brazil, even though they have been careful to avoid any explicit endorsement of it. Exhibit A was the meeting between Tom Shannon, the 3rd ranking U.S. State Department official and the one who is almost certainly in charge of handling this situation, with Senator Aloysio Nunes, one of the leaders of the impeachment in the Brazilian Senate, on April 20.


Excellent analysis, Mr. Weisbrot.

Although Western goals for the region “may not succeed,” that doesn’t mean that a lot of pain won’t be passed around before that denouement comes full throttle.

Paul Craig Roberts explains that there are two kinds of imperialism: One through military muscle and the other exerted through financial controls.

With U.S. military forces spread all over the Middle East, Africa (Nick Turse’s chronicles) and into parts of Asia… the financial form of imperialism is being projected at South America.

It’s even plausible that oil prices have been purposely depressed to weaken citizens’ loyalty to the current governments of Russia, Brazil, and Venezuela.

Maybe the Saudis get extra weapons deals for going along with the price suppression?


The 2003 recall of California Governor Gray Davis and installation of Arnold the Terminator shortly before Davis would have enacted single payer medical insurance in California provided an opportunity to practice the strategy that is now being applied to execute the rollback.


“Washington’s Cold War never ended in Latin America, and now they see their opportunity for “rollback.” Brazil is a big prize, as is evidenced by the new foreign minister in the interim government. He is José Serra, who ran unsuccessfully for president against first Lula (2002) and Dilma (2010), and is expected to use his current position – if this government survives – as a springboard for a third shot at the presidency.”

Very true statement, thank you Mark Weisbrot. This is heartbreakingly true and speaks so very negatively about how little our government has learned about how to properly do foreign relations. It really is all about corporatism, sad to say, but the American people are getting wise to our government duplicity. This is also why Hillary and Bill cannot be back in a position of power. Bernie in California…


This is Cold war strategy all over again. Last week Obama installs missiles in Poland followed by announcing Romania would get them next. Next the president gives Vietnam weapons followed by a trip to Japan to denounce war. Obama is a much better wordsmith then his predecessor but the agenda, as the author points out is the same. I wonder if the next refugee influx will come from south America to the United Sates? How will president Trump deal with that? Wall? Mass murder? I hope Bernie wins.


The Clinton campaign here inside the USA, is not precisely congruent to the anti-democratic machinations being carried out in Latin America.

But really, it’s the same shameless abuse of process, prepared behind the scenes by very much the same team, to avoid the terrible risk of actual democracy on behalf of the majority of people.

And the stakes for TPTB are far higher inside the USA. They are absolutely stunned that the Sanders campaign has gotten as far as it has.

And just like @EnemyofWar points out above regarding Latin American efforts to wrest and hold power from the manipulators: If Sanders does manage to wrest the White House from the US oligarchy, those oligarchs are not going anywhere, and will work tirelessly to undermine and destroy a Sanders presidency. Unless and until they are utterly routed from their oligarchic power.

EDIT: To add @pablo30 to the reply, seeing the “i hope Bernie wins” tagline on their comment.


Much better than “Andrew Boston’s” frame which, like 90% of his commentary takes the actions of global elites (some of which fully make use of the U.S. military and CIA) and turns them falsely into what American citizens engineer.


If American corporations, military, government and the public are all mostly dependent on government welfare, why do we call US a “capitalist” country?


At some point in time, there will be strong, unified force that will determine it is time for a “regime change” in the U.S. When that time comes …


Excellent report by Mark Weisbrot, and I’m pleased that CD publishes this informative commentary.


Good material by Weisbrot.

I, too, saw Lula in Porto Alegre at the World Social Forum. It was January 2003, not 2002, though, Mark. I was there with the U.S. Green Party. No Democratic Party representation at such a world-wide Peoples’ Event, we should … never forget.
• It was a few months later that in Miami, Clinton, Dems and friends faced off with the AFL-CIO & other labor groups (& the Green Party) to push for yet another NAFTA-type “trade” agreement, the FTAA, thoroughly undemocratic deals leading to their culmination in the TPP. For the first time we saw military-equipped police (dressed by the Iraq war budget) throw seniors and others to the ground for … protesting.
• At one public event in Miami unionists, ever-loyal to their precious DNC, prevented both Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader from being speakers at the rally. I attended meetings where that was decided, against many votes. And, of course, Dems went on to screw the unions (despite their loyalty) on the trade deal as it had so many times before. All led … by … Clinton. Unionists warned Greens at the Rally, “you had better not spoil the next election,” even as they censored the best speakers available for the event.
— SO, very little new has happened this year with the Democratic Party, though the Clinton has changed. They still betray workers and attack or silence anyone who DEFENDS the working class and questions our oligarchic status quo.
— The Sanders phenomenon indicates the first wide-spread skepticism and revolt in decades. Even Carter says we live in an oligarchy and not a democracy. And was Bernie ATTACKED now, as were Kucinich & Nader in 2000 & 2003? Any doubts? See a pattern?
— Sanders was attacked … by the PARTY … AND by the Media. Certain subjects are taboo for the oligarchic-owned Dems. IN 16 years things have only gotten WORSE! Yet the deaf & dumb Hillbots are still out there telling us that WE are a threat.

Today the U.S. (the one envisioned by Hillary) is mum on the Coup occurring in large neighbor and ally Brazil. They were a bit more vocal and evident in Honduras. While the outcome in Brazil is yet unknown, our government has obscenely abandoned supporting democratic principles there, to encourage new policies of the “temporary” government which make Brazilian resources readily available to buy.
— It appears our own government wants to head back to the days of Latin America, staying in our back yard, minding our orders. The way that Democrats rule, it seems.

Glass Ceiling? … On Women Presidents. The USA (power, parties & media) talks of getting its first female president, even as it is totally silent as the first woman president in Brazil is being illegally removed … with our help.
— Deceit & hypocrisy, anyone?