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The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of the US Condemning an Afghan Air Strike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/28/breathtaking-hypocrisy-us-condemning-afghan-air-strike


And who, of course, supplied the planes and bombs?


Wherever the US goes, death and destruction follow!


Brett Wilkins reporting is among the best here at CD.

Keep serving up the truth, man.


If you want more hypocrisy, the US Government has condemned the actions of Russia in Libya because they are arming Militants opposed to the current Government.

The USA turned Libya into a nation that buys and sells slaves on the open market. The US destroyed what was the richest Country in Africa by arming terrorists and then actively bombing the Government of the day and they are whining about Russia spreading instability.


Thanks for the kind words!


Let’s not forget that the destruction of Libya was a NATO mission,
led by Canadian planners and bombers. The result also included
devastation of an aquifer that Libya intended to make available
to some sub-Saharan nations.

Imagine, a pipeline to bring water, not oil, to people.


Indeed, as I have stated before Canada has turned into one of those nations that tags along with the bullies.

NATO is in fact a cabal of thugs used to maintain the “Colonies” as sources of wealth for the imperialist nations.



Just to add. Under the UN Resolution it was agreed to arms were not to be sent to Libya by either side during that conlict. NATO claimed it was there to “protect human rights”.

An absolute lie as this article points out. A Canadian frigate intercepted a ship filled with arms bound for Libya. They asked NATO headquarters what should be done and were told to allow the shipment to take place. NATO was arming the rebels all along.

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Somewhere in my saved documents file (WAAAY too full and now dis-organized due to the time it takes to sort!) there is an article with some US general stating that “They don’t count collateral damage deaths.” I don’t want to dig for it but thought that should be stated, too.


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Canada’s Lloyd Axworthy, a former foreign minister, helped supply NATO’s fig leaf:
the “responsibility to protect” civilians being mistreated by their own government.

Naive people (including, at first, Canada’s Greens and NDP), thought NATO
would establish a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent Gadaffi from terrorizing
the Libyan people from the air. What NATO did was carry out an aggressive
bombing campaign – including by Canada – that killed and destroyed.