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The Brexit Raises a New Issue For Hillary Clinton: The Democracy Deficit


The Brexit Raises a New Issue For Hillary Clinton: The Democracy Deficit

Adam Eichen

How the (not so) United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union affects US politics is now a hot topic.

Some suggest that the “Brexit” is a sign that an anti-immigration voter backlash is coming to the US. Others, like CNN pundit Van Jones, go so far as to suggest that the UK proved Donald Trump could win.


Thank you, Mr. Eichen for acknowledging the almost wholly male power bastions that have run things for centuries here and abroad:

"In some respects, it may not be fair that the burden of cleaning up the democratic mess — one created by generations of men — falls upon the nation’s first female presidential nominee. Nevertheless, it’s gradually becoming clear the timing and circumstances may make it Clinton’s job."

(I would still prefer Sanders or Jill Stein, but sexism is sexism and it's refreshing when its impacts are given voice.)


I wish the "Brexit" would mean more than Britain leaving the EU. Britain should also leave NATO. $US tax Dollars support US bases there. Britain would spend more of its money on defense, shut down US bases there & quit participating in America's wars.


Hillary is NOT the "first female presidential nominee" and anyone who believes that BS MSM lie needs to go READ HISTORY.


"Clinton must work significantly harder to convince the American people she stands with them, not above them."

Clinton H has been in politics since the Goldwater days.She has had plenty of time to do the above. She has failed to do so and will not do so because leopardesses cannot change their spots.


The UK spends enough on "defence". The UK will not leave NATO and no doubt the loony right-wing who won the referendum to leave the EU will be most happy to join the USA in its persecution of Russia.


What has "fairness in cleaning up the democratic mess" have anything to do with the gender of a wannabe POTUS (POTA in Clinton's case) ? If you can't take the heat; stay out of the kitchen.


NATO is an essential part of Clinton's master plan... her regime changes in Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine depend on it. She connived to get the SOS position from Obama to build her power base for this ultimate conquest. (with a little coup in Honduras on the side, just for her friend Lanny Davis). As her best friend Henry Kissinger once said, "power is the best aphrodisiac." Even K agreed she took it to far in Ukraine, as he stated in the WaPo that they do deserve their sovereignty....