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The Building Blocks of Artful Protest: Legos For Wei Wei


The Building Blocks of Artful Protest: Legos For Wei Wei

Lego likes to boast they're "here to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow," but only, it seems, to a placid point: The Danish toymaker rejected Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei's bulk order to build a large-scale, free-speech themed work in Australia, claiming they "cannot approve the use of Legos for political works." WeiWei promptly went online to charge censorship. Then he asked followers to send in their old Legos, and thousands did. Brick by brick.



Fuck censorship.


I hope people are struck by the irony of this corporation "claiming" that it doesn't get involved in politics. Show me a corporation that doesn't spend $100s of thousands to millions each year on political lobbying and bribing, and I will show you another planet in a far off galaxy with the first actual democracy ever discovered.


Legos saying that its product should not be used for political art is like a crayon company or a pencil company or a brush company (and so forth) saying their product shouldn't be used to draw/paint political cartoons or other political works of art. Even in a toy company, how does anyone get that dense?

The other part of this is not precisely lined out. I am a little unclear whether he was purchasing or asking for a donation or a cut in price based on size of the order. The donation would be a matter for the company, regardless of what I think of their decision. The two purchasing options are a bit more puzzling. I am unclear whether this order is direct (which it appears to be) or through some retailer (could the retailer get the large order).


Corporations Rule the World="Corporate Socialism"


You are quite wrong. The image of the person in front of the tank is known by everyone. The death of Rachel Corrie is not.

If you think that the Chinese aren't more barbaric in their occupation of Tibet than Israel is with their occupation of Palestine, then you might need to re-evaluate your prejudices.