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The Bullets In His Gun


The Bullets In His Gun

Along with the crowds turning up worldwide in love and support after Orlando, social media has been a potent voice of protest. The hashtag #IAmOmarMateen, born of a striking series of photos, has called to accountability those craven public figures who fed the hateful flames. "You weren't the gunman, but you're the culture that built him," says one post. "You're the bullets in his gun."


This is not fair either. Blaming won't move us forward to a better society and does nothing at all for the survivors. I hadn't seen these photos and I wish I still hadn't.


I'm with a few others that I know, in that we ought to hang a RWNJ's name on every new multi-death crime. Like these stupid fucks pictured. These folks are the bottom of the barrel as far as ethics and morals. They need to ALL go back to Mommy and learn some fuckin' manners. Yeah, I'm pissed and there are many of us that are, for the imbecilic crap that ReThugliCons try to pass off as sane laws. Screw your AR-15 gun bullshit (guns ONLY to kill people) and act like freakin' compassionate humans instead of a bunch of drug crazed lunatics. The GOP is NOT SANE anymore. The only thing to move us forward is for folks like Trump to fuck off and go the way of the dinosaur. The bigots need to crawl back into their caves, sorry but I'm done with the intolerance of the Reich Wing. They can eat shit, which is what they've been trying to make progressives eat for thirty-five years, ever since Raygun committed treason to get his (P)resident job.



Well spoken, in my view. Thank you.


Wait what?
A thoughtful expression of free speech in the US that induces thought as well?

It seems to be causing brain hemorrhage already.


While there is plenty of blame to go around, it should not be about blame but about holding people and politicians accountable for their actual actions.

How much of this attack was homophobia and how much was blowback from our own horrific human rights actions?

Specifically GW Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton among others have all pursued programs where many, many innocent people have been killed using drones and torture. And Donald Trump has embraced torture as a legitimate tool. This indiscriminate killing and arrogant activity has fueled unrest both abroad and at home. It has destabilized entire countries. It is not surprising that this unrest would return home to haunt us.

Obama says that we should look forward and not look backward, but I think that it IS important to hold these people accountable for their crimes. And if either Clinton or Trump is elected in the fall, it looks like we will have more of the same and no one will be held accountable. So I expect the carnage to continue.


I don't see how our own self-righteousness conquers theirs or demonstrates a better way to deal with anything.


Wish I could give your post :+1:s a paragraph at a time; you'd get 2-1/2. Accountability is up to us.


Not thoughtful. That's the problem.


You've made some good points, bystander, but the fact remains that, while Obama and Hillary Clinton have both endorsed and carried out policies that were started well before either Obama or Clinton came into the picture and were extended and expanded by them, homophobia and our human rights record are only part of the root problems.

First of all, there's some speculation that Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, was gay himself (possibly later), and that he internalized it by going into the Pulse nightclub, shooting and killing 50 people or more, killing and injuring them. Being marginalized and discriminated creates anger, hostility and low self-esteem in the victim(s), and, all too often, victims internalize this hatred directed at them by turning on each other.

Secondly, guns are far too accessible here in the United States, and, if we're to save lives by reducing gun violence here in the United States (which, btw, is the highest rate per capita in the Western World.), efforts must be made to make them less accessible, especially for people with mental illness, anger-management issues, and substance/alcohol abuse problems.


Homophobia and America's sick gun kultur are to blame for the murders in Orlando.


I support the thinking this article communicates.
A society that refuses to take responsibility for its gun culture is a society like America that chooses more weapons in more hands daily, with a body count beyond calculation.
Those who promote this barbarity deserve to have their faces publicly recognized for who they really are.
The truth hurts. Don't let them bury it!


Have to admit my complaint that this blaming isn't fair is a bit shaken by catching a bit of Sen. Cruz's snark at the Democrats' filibuster yesterday. Sigh.


These morons, unfortunately, have influence in our society. They need to be called out daily for the hate they spread. Do you recall the influence media played in the slaughter of civilians in Rwanda? They are, as the posters state, Mateen.


Actually, we don't even know who Mateen was. I'll gladly hold these 3 responsible for their own actual deeds. That's easy enough. But they aren't bold enough to take overt action.


These poster poseurs are all cut from the same cloth...that of money motivating their megalomania and madness...what a crew. There is not a scintilla of kindness, compassion, or concern for their fellow human beings or all life among them. As long as they have theirs, nothing else is of any concern.


I'm sorry, but we have considerable knowledge of who Mateen was. Have you been following the news. A pretty good sketch has been drawn with more details forthcoming. What do we truly know of anyone's inner demons?


No need to speak in 'comma, stupid' forms. We do not know much about Mateen. We know what little has been released, plus his father's honor-protecting spin and the bumblings of the general press corps. There may not ever be much known publicly, unless his poor wife is indeed charged and tried for failing to stop him.


No "widespread calls," sir. Loud, perhaps, but I've managed to clearly hear the calls for the real jihad, self-examination, and the kind of concern for each other that's the true spirit of Ramadan. Please don't let your own prejudices make a bad situation worse.