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The 'Burn It All Down' Approach: Trump Uses Dire Warming Predictions to Justify Increasing Emissions

The 'Burn It All Down' Approach: Trump Uses Dire Warming Predictions to Justify Increasing Emissions

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Despite the Trump administration's own prediction that by the end of this century, the world could warm "a disastrous" 7°F, or about 4°C, above pre-industrial levels, the president has decided not to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but instead to use the devastating findings to justify and intensify his pro-fossil fuel agenda.

This looks like an instance where all that matters to the Trump administration is short term profits for the fossil fuel industry and auto industry and everything else is irrelevant. Trump still gets a lot support form people who believe in the end time biblical predictions and assume it will all end by before 2100 anyway and others who do not trust scientists have have take refuge from reality in a right wing conspiracy theory world and denies climate change. The hope for Americans is that China, India, and some other developing countries as well as a number of developed countries will do more than expected in reducing emissions. Because of the political situation in this country our fate is really in the hands of foreign counties with leaders that are far better than Trump who we are now stuck with.

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Rome burns while Nero fiddles faster

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Distributed Renewable energy will pull the rug from under the control freaks.
Who you going to bomb?
How are you going to scare the taxpayers into paying for huge military budgets when all there is to fight about is religion?
Controlling the supply of energy is much more important than saving the planet to the most insecure group that ever was. The pathetic group that must control life because they are incapable of getting along.

I remember it like it was yesterday. About ten years ago while attending a party I told the listeners that conservatives have known since the 1970’s that the earth was warming. That fact may have even been the final motivation for Lewis Powell and his acolytes to rally their “silent majority” and begin the great March towards libretarianism and ultimately fascism. They made sure Americans would be so busy that they wouldn’t notice that their unions disappeared, their infrastructure was crumbling, and the planet was warming up. At least they wouldn’t notice until it was too late.
We are there. It’s too late to save the unions. The infrastructure is way too far gone. And now that the warming earth has hit critical mass, has dropped off the plateau. the conservatives that told you it wasn’t happening are now shrugging ther shoulders and saying, “well, sure the earth is warming. But it’s too late now to do anything about it, so let the good times roll. We will all burn together in a glorious pyre.”


HI unlikely source:

Nero… maybe that will be the name of the hurricane that hits D.C. The Carolinas got it and are still getting it-----maybe the world will be saved by GAIA, as the planet and Mother Nature blow D.C. off the map. I guess States power would fill in quickly—and we go from there and start all over again—or just become more warring city states like Greece.

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You aren’t forgetting Hillary’s arms sales to number one oil exporter Saudi Arabia, are you?

Or her promotion of fracking worldwide?


Are you forgetting that Hillary ran for president with an ambitious policy to cut emissions?.

Trump isn’t the front man. He doesn’t like the Koch brothers and they don’t like him. But they have formed an alliance and are supporting each other rather than opposing each other. Trump has a white supremacist agenda and the Koch brothers have a radical libertarian agenda. They know they have to work together to overcome the liberal opposition…

If I am reading this right, the USA is relying on the rest of the world to completly reduce CO2 emissions so the USA can run their SUV’s and burn coal.
I am not throwing stones , I live in Australia, the worlds largest coal and LNG (methane ) exporting countries.We too have a Climate Change denying government, and political system, we are being impacted by CC. ATM a drought, one of the worst in living memory, along with record catastrophic winter bushfires. We are regarding our approaching summer with dread.

Do we accept that the Deniers have won and it is too late to act to reduce our emmissons ?
Or do we rise up, throw off the yoke of the deniers and embrace the renewable energy and electrified transportation that is now within our grasp?
It falls to us, we the people ,to take the decisions into our hands.
There is no one else who can do it.

Knowingly endangering the lives of all U.S. citizens as well as of all others around the planet is not only TREASON, but a MASSIVE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

Forget about alleged collusion with Russia. This alone is grounds for not only House impeachment and Senate conviction, but ICC prosecution and life-long imprisonment as a criminal guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and the Planet.

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What you’re saying is very true, Lrx, but one also has to bear in mind that industries and/or businesses have also contributed greatly to air and water pollution, as well as cars.

Making smaller cars and enacting stricter emissions laws go a long way towards improving the environment, but industries and businesses should also follow suit, by not dumping wastes into our rivers, lakes, oceans and streams, and not polluting our air with smokestacks and incinerators, as well. Also, if more businesses and industries allowed their employees to stagger their hours of going to and from work every day, our highways wouldn’t be so clogged, helping to add to air pollution, overheat people’s tempers, and endanger people’s physical and mental health, to boot.

Better public transportation is also a way to go, as well.

Let our powers combine






By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!

Go, Planet!

Oy … that’s taking up valuable space in my brain I could be using
for more important matters, like learning to topstitch or deciphering
ancient Mesopotamian scatological humor.

The world’s wealthy elite know exactly what’s going down. They have their hidy holes.
What we are witnessing is the murder of 7 billion human beings, us
This is why they are blocking every effort to stop climate change or ww111.
They want to cleanse the planet of us useless eaters.
There is just no other explanation for their behaviour.


All of which would be predicated on the idea of traditional rule of law, which America long ago abandoned.
The law in America is whatever the oligarchy says it is. Which is yet another parallel between modern day America and nazi Germany.

That’s perfect! Shouid be our new Battle Hymn of the Republic!

Hillary’s ambitious policy was too little, too late, which is the point of this article.

Climate chaos is baked in and Hillary, like Obama, tinkered at the margins.

Compared to Trump she looks like a real tree-hugger but that’s not saying much, is it?

Oh, that’s right, to an incrementalist like you, touting half measures is your entire line of reasoning.

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When Heterosexuals Rule the World…

Hi unlikelysource and LOL, well I just got a new book ( old book from the library that apparently no one ever checked out) and for one dollar price too.
“Empires of he World-----A Language History of he world.” by Nicholas Ostler
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Hmmm maybe this is the problem:
none of us are speaking the same language! Aha, and in the prologue… a conversation between Cortes and Motecuhzonz ( aka Montezuma) the beginning of persuasion—and the world changes! I guess the Trump Grassley, Graham, and Kavanaugh types skipped this book! : )

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