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'The Business of Building Walls': New Report Shows Companies Reaping Cash From Europe's Expanding Anti-Migrant Barriers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/08/business-building-walls-new-report-shows-companies-reaping-cash-europes-expanding

The Middle Ages have returned. The Treaty of Westphalia has been dumped. Oh Joy! Just waiting for the plague, now. The regressive troglodytes must be driven back into their caves!


There was a question posed to the readers of our local paper a while back. “What is the most important thing about our community?”
I answered “opportunity>”
For the wandering masses including the worlds refugees it’s the same. If we can offer opportunity we will see more success, and less need to help people in the future.

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Un-regulated immigration is encouraged by those who benefit from increased taxes (governments) and every lower wages (big business). The problem is that working class European citizens are finding out that such immigration does not benefit them personally. We can only expect to see the number of walls to increase as a response to mass migration and the corollary demand coming from self-interested integration advocates that all those who arrive at any border be allowed in, regardless.

Not just for humans:

People who build walls usually don’t want other people to have any of what they have. It reflects selfishness on the part of the wall builder for certain. But is it right to prosper inside one’s wall knowing very well that those outside could even be starving? For a true Christian it is unacceptable. Jesus gave us a new Commandment, “That ye love one another.” (John 13:34) Those wall builders who have the wisdom to understand that this world is no Paradise in spite of their walls and would like to enter the Paradise Jesus promised to those who lived and died, “abiding by my sayings.” Well, they maybe need to do a Soul Search.

One must ask the reason why this massive migration to Europe is occurring,

Climate change, War, Racism, economic collapse

It’s pretty clear


I think the article on the so-called european fence report is a bit incomplete .
Most of these fences are in eastern europe in countries that have the least resources to meet The EU commissions regulations on immigrant quotas .
Even the wealthy countries are overwhelmed by the influx .
Before anybody in the USA criticizes how the EU is handling their Immigrant problem , i would suggest that they first look to themselves for creating most of the mess through their invasions of Afghanistan , syria, iraq , libya etc.


Exactly. Ya gotta wonder how this will all end as migrants are walled out from becoming refugees. Future mass starvation is what I see. Evangelical Christian America, awaken! What hath thou done?

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looks like capitalist fools are throwing a going out of business sale.

man, this system needs to die soonest.

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The human world is plummeting, by its own actions, into a terrifying new Dark Age paralleling the earth’s plummeting into its new Dark Age caused by humans as well…
Watching civilization destroy itself and the natural world with it… there are no words to describe the feelings I have …


Fabulously wealthy people like peons because they peel grapes. Also, they work subhuman dangerous jobs in factories, so in every country the rich have been letting migrants take local jobs for many decades now.

If rich people regularly went to jail for knowingly hiring migrants, and if the rich nations stopped propping up dictators and creating the environment for drug cartels, there would be no need for any of these walls.

One of the quietly ugly parts about the Turkish invasion of Kurdish Syria is that the Kurdish government had one of the world’s few active climate change inhibition programs. They planted lots of trees.


While we can recognize the problem - that employers are using national divisions and borders in order to pit the working class against itself. However, is the solution “managed migration”? Or should it be, as Marx, observed long ago:

> "… in order to oppose their workers, the employers either bring in workers from abroad or else transfer manufacture to countries where there is a cheap labour force. Given this state of affairs, if the working class wishes to continue its struggle with some chance of success, the national organisations must become international.”

The Industrial Workers of the World strived with a certain degree of success to organise the many different ethnic groups of immigrants.

Socialists should be against controls on migration because we know that the deprivation behind the migrants need to move across borders is stronger than any law made by governments. Exclusionary policies are fruitless and reactionary. We also know that there are no workers so uneducated that they cannot understand capitalism and learn how to fight it.


There are problems and it is always back to the rich-poor divide

A very recent report in the UK points out that the majority of asylum seekers are being housed in disadvantaged local authority areas, while dozens of councils – including wealthy parts of the South East of England – support none. Nothing is worse than the already poor seeing assistance going to another, albeit equally deserving family.

It is an old familiar story, which we have heard many times before. The immigrants are poor and therefore tend to congregate together in cheap, decaying inner-city areas. Here they are forced to struggle for social acceptance in the teeth of opposition from workers who are already established in that particular piece of slum. Friction grows as “white” tenants are edged out to make room for more profitable lodgers willing to put up with higher rents and the over-crowding. So the process goes on: ad infinitum .

On the bigger picture, Herbert Brücker, who has been the head of the Migration and International Labor Studies research department at the Federal Institute for Employment Research since 2005, and has been an economics professor at Bamberg University since 2008. Since 2017, he has also headed the Economic Migration and Integration research department at Berlin’s Humboldt University, says Germany depends on immigrants. According to his estimates, the German economy will need 400,000 immigrants each year to remain competitive. Since the 1970s, Germany’s birth rate has declined quite dramatically. At the same time, average life expectancy has been going up. Without immigration, the potential number of workers in Germany would decline by 40% by 2060.

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Flat lifeless state pretty much describes it. I go every morning with my companion canine to the nearby lake for our daily xercise walk. The surrounding area is pine/eucalyptus/ scrub parkland. If we are lucky we see/hear a few birds. This area should be inundated with avians and wildlife.


I wonder if those walls are able to keep Capital from moving freely across.

Money and Corporations are garnering more rights the world over than people. If you want rights , get money. If you can not get money then you have no value and no say as to how things are done.


But all good things must come to an end:

We can only do what we can, in the face of adversity.
Madix malorum est cupiditas.

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