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The Button, The Wall And The Myth Of Nations

Trump is focused - always has been - on money - and the deals that make it happen. In that sense he is mentally stable - it is not debatable.

He is highly intelligent - Robert Reich prefers to separate out emotional intelligence as Trump’s strong point - whatever.

That he is accomplished also goes without debate.

I won’t be reading Fire & Fury -

Tillerson is also incontrovertibly highly intelligent, accomplished, hard-headed, and as former CEO of Exxon - a willing participant in climate change confusion.

Just to stay in one piece, as Trump has done - given the circumstances - is a testament to his mental toughness.

Does this make him a good President?

You elected him - the jury is still out - as it always is - with a razor thin margin either way - for all of my life - as one administration follows another.

Do I think he is a good President - No !

Would I vote for someone else - yes - the Greens.

Would I vote for any democrat alive today - NO !

Democrats are no better, in my view, than Republicans, but you have to admit they are very good at fooling millions of their acolytes that they are the opposition party. Make that the fake opposition party!


must admit your point, “This is a tough world - survival of the fit and the lucky seems to be the main rule of the universe,” surprised me because i view “survival of the fittest” from a different angle. i guess you’re talking about social darwinism as defined by richard hofstader, whereas i consider that the fittest refers not only the individual but to success of the species. to date dinosaurs ruled this earth for millions of years. by comparison homo-sapiens may well prove to be just a flash in the pan. we live in a civilization that attempts to bend the laws of Nature to our favour while failing to consider the consequences of our collective impact–destruction of forests and vital rain forest, encroaching desertification, collapsing bee hives, melting icecaps and acidifying oceans. and to top it off many fear some deranged “alpha” human may just start the war to end all wars! yes, mike, the word “exploit” does have negative connotations, but our destruction of the biosphere and earth’s infrastructure have very negative results. in my mind those wealthiest who hoard property and money are in no way the fittest among us. they’re just superficial empty shells.

No, not really social darwinism. I am familiar with several theories of both individual and group selection (E.O. Wilson).

But no - fit & lucky comes from personal experience and personal observation. Naturally fit can be defined different ways, but after you’ve done a lot of mountains, and a lot of exploring, and you find yourself still alive - it comes to you that both skill and luck played decisive roles.

You mention the dinosaurs. They were fit, low oxygen adapted, and then they were unlucky - when the Deccan Traps Large Igneous Province was forming, and asteroid hit and made things infinitely worse.

But even there - all birds are in fact dinosaurs - the ones that survived were ‘lucky’ - and also low oxygen adapted - probably being small helped.

I think we have no idea really as to what the universe considers ‘fit’.

It seems more like quantum theory, where all avenues are being constantly explored all the time in an evolving and ever changing

For me - fit just means being alive.