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The Cake That This Country Baked


The Cake That This Country Baked

A year after Sandra Bland's arrest and death, America's streets are filled with righteous rage. With hundreds of arrests and Baton Rouge threatening to become the new Ferguson/Syria/Tiananmen Square - hordes of jumpy assault-rifle wielding robocops facing off against stately placid protesters - there is growing recognition, at least, at last, that Dallas and all that came before had a sorry historic inevitability.


How magnificent that young woman, that young man are, looking Empire straight in the face and defying its brutality and soulessness! We ALL need to do as they are!


"To Protect and Serve" The big-lie police tell and politicians repeat ad nauseum - The image of the two storm troopers geared-up for violence, approaching 28-year-old nurse Ieshia Evans to arrest her for exercising her Constitutional rights shows her integrity and courage and the police mindset and truth of the depth of repression they represent.


No Justice, NO Peace!


Lots of talk about Black Lives Matter and their Protests.

Yet very little about the Police and their Tactics that have Baked this Cake.

Citizens do not Confront Power unless Abuse of Power has Provoked the Confrontation.


A Nurse for God's Sake. How dangerous can you get.


The wimpy fuckwad RoboCops need lots of layers of protection when they're WRONG. These pricks are at war and you know, some of them have to be thinking WTF are we doing (?), and I hope it rests heavy on their shrinking brains. I think it's the lead infested atmosphere that dumbs down the Robos.


The police dept motto isn't: To Protect and to Serve, and hasn't been for a long time.
It's now: Ready to Protect Proud to Serve
Ready? Proud? Seems like they are making protecting into a choice.


Beyond all of the secondary issues - firearms in the hands of the psychologically unstable, PTSD police, poverty, racism and so on, THIS IS A POLICE PROBLEM! UNTI local police forces AND prosecutors put killer cops in jail, this will not stop.,


This was told to me by a cop:

When you are stopped by a cop, turn on your interior lights so he can see inside, turn off the car and put the car keys on the roof so he will know you will not try to run and put both hands on the steering wheel.

Although I am an open carry proponent, I also think that not having a gun in sight would be a good idea with jumpy cops around. That goes double for minorities.


Outstanding photo. Would have been Pulitzer-worthy in another age. Here it is in hi-res:


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Its the gunpowder smoke rotting their brains. The more they shoot- the stupider and more dangerous they become. Kinda like those junkyard dogs being fed gunpowder.


Oh they're protecting and serving alright. Protecting and serving the rich and the status quo against all the rest of us who just want a fair chance to live a dignified life. They didn't like it either way back when the Indians fought against them for the exact same thing.


I believe you're actually on to something. It's not the gunpowder smoke. It's all the lead from the bullets they've been handling and that's a positive scientifically proven connection. Good on ya!