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The Caliphate of Trump


The Caliphate of Trump

Tom Engelhardt

They are the extremists. If you need proof, look no further than the Afghan capital, Kabul, where the latest wave of suicide bombings has proven devastating. Recently, for instance, a fanatic set off his explosives among a group of citizens lining up outside a government office to register to vote in upcoming elections.


A good article by Mr. Engelhardt. He makes a strong case for looking at ourselves as the World’s most dangerous extremist organization.


And as the world’s most dangerous extremist military fascist organization a great deal of the world is following the example of the usa in electing right wing governments with the populace of those same countries forming right wing hate groups and frequent killing of investigative journalists.


Tom, excellent, excellent article.

I’d like to print it out and send it to a few eunuch congresscreeps…unless you already did that.

I wish we could get the very names of the individual profiteers from our carnage making.