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The 'Camo Economy' Hides Military Costs and Exacerbates Inequality

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/08/camo-economy-hides-military-costs-and-exacerbates-inequality

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Last year I drove past the “boneyard” of discarded aircraft at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ. It was astounding to see just how much waste our nation had produced. Then I had to think about how much bigger ships are than aircraft. Having worked in the nuker-kooker field for a while I know a thing or two about how much waste goes into producing all things nuclear. All this effort toward war which we know from Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler War is a Racket to be just that. We could have exited WWII into peace filled with technology destined to uplift every soul on the planet. We didn’t. That was not our original sin, but perhaps our ultimate one.


As far as contractors serving abroad in places like Afghanistan and Iraq are concerned, they are not deserved of any honour. But then neither are the regular troops that serve there.

There is no honour in butchering dark skinned people so that Corporations can profit.


“camo” synonyms:

1 - plausible deniability
2 - ‘externalization of costs’
3 - projection onto others of shortcomings, intent, criminality, behaviors etc… to create a ‘hall of mirrors’ behind which nefarious actions are committed
4 - no doubt I’m missing some synonyms


  1. accountability
  2. accurate price discovery and just economy of means
  3. transparency and inclusion
  4. no doubt I’m missing some antonyms
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yup - you have to see it to believe it


The social Counterpart to the AFB is Las Vegas parking lot with “social distancing” response to homeless during a pandamic - page with multiple images

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The author neglected to mention the biggest impediment to reducing military contracting costs. The contractors spread out their operations across the country, using many sub-contractors in almost every state. This was done to ensure every congress member has some form of the contracting system in their district, so they would be afraid to reduce the budgets of these contractors and put voters in their districts out of a job, thus losing the votes of those who lost their jobs. Couple that with the bribes that flow freely to congress critters from these companies, and you have an almost impenetrable system of greed.


This comes across as more concerned with the symptom of “defense” profiteering than the deadly disease of imperial intent, from which the former finds its impetus.

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Hi KayIie:
I am wondering—does anyone in Congress ever Ieave Congress being in a worse economic position than when they started? Do lobbyists have to post pubIicIIy the names and amounts given to their campaigns? How easy is it to be a crook in Congress?
AND has Boeing fixed its pIanes that keep crashing—and if not WHY do they receive more money??

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The names of the profiteers should be outed. Never happen while the MSM is controlled .

I agree, but that would be one hell of a long list.