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The Cannon Ball Saga, An Epic Story From The American Heartland


The Cannon Ball Saga, An Epic Story From The American Heartland

Jim Hightower

There is an epic clash of two cultures — one with a guiding ethic of harmony between people and nature, the other driven by an ethos that encourages the exploitation of both. Yet, for months, our clueless media gave this match-up little coverage.


Thank you Jim and Common Dreams for keeping the American public aware of what is going on in their country.
People do not seem to grasp the fact that the Natives are protesting because this is LIFE for them. The waters of the Canon Ball and Missouri nurture 17million people and countless farmers downriver. This is a fight for all people and for the heartland, same as with KXL.
This country has a glut of oil- we do not need this line- and we really can't afford the risk, not for oil to be shipped and used elsewhere. We should be developin g more wind and solar and moving away from fossil fuels.

Over 40% of America's fresh water supplies have been poisoned or contaminated by oil or chemicals. Between this and persistent droughts, not to mention poor infrastructure in cities like Flint, we need to do everything we can to preserve water- not waste or place it n jeopardy.

MniWiconi #WaterIsLife.


"This pipeline, owned by oilman Kelcy Warren, crosses 200 rivers and
countless farms, and it cuts through the ancestral lands and burial
grounds of the Tribe.

Interesting to check wikipedia page on Kelcy Warren. Notable: in Honduras, in the waters of which Warren owns a private island,a wind farm project, developed as a cooperative in the 1990s, was bought by Warren's RECO energy company in 2008. According to Honduras news, a March 2016 article announces that RECO is building a propane gas fired energy plant on - where else - the island of Roatan.

Last photo in 2015 of the wind farm project shows an uncompleted project and conflicts over environmental permits, with a longstanding question of whether the residents of the island are being heard, concerns addressed and as such, compliance with standards similar to those in conflict at Standing Rock.

So, from a cynical perspective, given the events on the timeline; buy a wind farm, stall on fulfilling societal responsibilities, plausible deniability to investors on the wind. In the mean time, position with international banking with investment to build a coal fired plant, build propane plant, ... and the wind farm, the cooperative democratic model?

I am reminded that environmental activists in Hounduras are being murdered.


Re: "a Bull-Connor-style sheriff "
Petition asking Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem to conduct an ethics
investigation into Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and remove him from office.


Well said. I too was thinking about the connections between the water protectors in South Dakota and the Honduran activists like Berta Caceres, who have been assassinated over the last nine years by a murderous regime (funded by US taxpayers). 125 years ago before telecommunication technology existed, a slaughter of native leaders could have easily happened in North Dakota, and did, with no one noticing or caring. The only thing saving the water protectors from more physical harm than already experienced is personal technology and a generation of young people who avoid the corporate-owned news.

American natives from the North and South are rooted in Mother Earth and share a tragic history. Looking to the South can teach us many lessons of resistance, as these communities have been taking on US power for decades longer than those native and allied communities to the North.

I spent an hour this morning looking at online images from the Dakota encampment on google images. Some of them were absolutely breathtaking--stirring images reminiscent of a culture before our white ancestors destroyed it. And they led me to think that there really exists an opportunity to reconcile this history. These photos are sure to strike a chord with those patriots who still hold dear the promise of American democracy, and soon those images will reflect the cold Dakota winter. The water protectors will need supplies and better infrastructure to hold out until Spring, a great opportunity for white folks to show solidarity!


The 'epic' has been going on since Columbus landed.

Dark Age Europe - people seeking Neil Young's "freedom highway" - empire seeking empire ~~~

The Apaches drifted into the Southwest from Dine Canada near the beginning of the Little Ice Age, say the 1400's, also seeking 'freedom's highway', also displacing 'others' already in the Southwest - Comanches learning to ride on Spanish mustangs and adopting the age old Eurasian steppe culture of the mounted archer - displacing the Apaches - and on and on to the present - never ending us against them.

Now - where to migrate to - whom to displace?

Maybe time to reconsider how savage we all are, to this day.

Acceptance - we are who we are.

Water is life - how many have forgotten, or worse, believe that we are no longer dependent upon simple things like good food, clean water, families with a future...

Enough to live well - but not more.

Not getting ahead - but living well.

"By fair means" - Messner's mantra.

Who are living like this - are helping.

Who are not - are the problem.

Be a "pure democrat", like an Apache - and act unilaterally, i.e., walk your talk.


and for us all, and they are leading us all, from an ethos we need more-fully to embrace--of harmony between people and nature and among all people.


Gee whiz Jim, what's a boy from Orange to think?

Here you write a great post on Standing Rock, and do not mention the one presidential candidate who was there. I don't mean J. Jackson.

Apparently you missed that Stein and Baraka were there to support the protesters.

How did that happen? You used to be such a sharp guy. Are you with HER now, Jim?

"Why is he acting so strange?
Do you think he is one of them?" - Creature with the Atom Brain

The revolution is in need of heroes.
Stein-Baraka 2016


I suggest that Dalrymple is the one that is dangerous. Dangerous to the whole state, and certainly to all of those who consider clean water a right and a must have. He is not able to consider ALL aspects of this issue. Clearly he needs to step down!


Dalrhymple allegedly has connections to the oil and/or gas industries. In the airport in Bismarck, on my return trip from Standing Rock, there were t-shirts saying "DRILL, BABY, DRILL." Very disheartening. The water protectors at Standing Rock joked about the Cessna airplanes circling our camp, and flying low, buzzing us. "We know about the planes, and when a twin engine plane flies over, it is probably the Governor's." Great article by Hightower.


Hightower is amazing. I would love it if he and Bill Moyers were both about 45 years old again, right now, during this critical time in our national challenges. They've both done so much good work. Wish we could clone them both.