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The Case Against Cynicism: A Dispatch from Colorado and Florida


The Case Against Cynicism: A Dispatch from Colorado and Florida

Ai-jen Poo, George Goehl

We live in an age of cynicism. We’re not going to tell you what others might — which is that cynicism is a privilege. While it is true that some people don’t have the same set of options or resources to sit elections out given what’s at stake for them and their families, we’re going to take a different approach, because whether or not it’s a privilege, cynicism is real and we should engage with it.


Thank you to the writers, and to CD for posting it. Here, of all places, I need to raise the burden of cynicism about the election.


Really? Somehow I'm not buoyed up by stories about more people who get to vote for Hillary, whose nomination was rigged for her.

I'm voting today, too, for Jill Stein. If Jill gets 5% of the popular vote nationwide, the Green Party will get the federal funding and ballot access that it needs in order to mount a strong progressive challenge to Hillary in 2020.

If the nomination had not been rigged for Hillary by the corrupt Democratic Party leadership, we would be electing Bernie Sanders today, in a turnout that would have been too HUGE to manipulate with our easily-hacked voting machines and tabulators.


Yes, truly terrific.


Please go read the other article, about how no President can do it alone, and listen to Bernie saying that over, and over, and over, and over again during the primaries. That process did exactly what he meant it to do, and it gave him — and us if we can lay down our cynical foot-stamping — more power, then, now, and into the coming administration, than he could have hoped.

Go ahead and vote as you will today, but there's work to do tomorrow.


"The process did exactly what he meant it to do"???? I hope you aren't saying that Bernie was collaborating with the rigging of the nomination for Hillary; people call it "sheep dogging."

You're right, there is work to do tomorrow, but there is nothing to rejoice about today. The only glimmer of hope would be if Jill Stein gets the 5% of the popular vote that the Green Party needs in order to qualify for federal funding and automatic ballot access. Because unless Hillary has to worry about a strong progressive challenger in 2020, there is absolutely no way we can "hold her feet to the fire," as the saying goes. She will just keep moving to the right.

Even now, when she supposedly wants our votes, Hillary does not care what progressives want. She is certainly not going to care more once she is in the Oval Office, paying off all the chits she has out to the fossil fuel industry, the military industrial complex, and all her other big donors.


When I was 20 I wondered why so few Murkins voted.

When I was 60 I wondered why so many do vote.


I've heard so many people say that they were only going to vote for the local stuff and weren't going to vote for the presidential election. Sheez, why not vote for Stein then? Oh right, no one knows Stein exists because the mainstream media won't peep a word about her.....


Many voters either don't understand or are ignoring the dynamics of the US electoral process.

Those of us voting in a deep blue or deep red states could have, at the end of the July conventions, safely bet any amount of money on the general election outcome for our state, AND the other deep blue and deep red states...your general election POTUS vote has zero influence on the OUTCOME.

By voting third party, we deep blue and deep red state voters have the opportunity to give third parties the opportunity to spend their money on campaigns in the 2020 election rather than spending their money and other resources jumping through hoops to get on state ballots and still falling short of showing up on all 50 state ballots.


Yeah, that's the cynicism, and you bring it up. Bernie was calling the Internet/cell phone generation to stand up and be counted, so the old system would know that they must be counted, though they're left out of polls, and that they'll be here to be counted when we get to work tomorrow.


I don't think the case for cynicism rides on whether good people vote.