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The Case For Course Correction in Yemen's Endless War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/13/case-course-correction-yemens-endless-war

good luck with that for the next 4 years. another premier war criminal is returning to the scene of the crime: Samantha Power is going to be back.

The return of the hyper-violent Obama administration continues without relent. Foreign policy is going to be a sh*tshow for the next several years.

Hide the kids, peasants of the planet. You’re fixing to be “rescued”.

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Correction? That word appears nowhere in the article which I am now reading. Course reversal is more likely the author’s opinion. Headline writers please take care.

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Oh boy … here we go again.

Samantha Power, the Obama-era enabler - of “responsibility to protect” doctrine fame - will head USAID. She paved the way for him to bomb seven - that’s right - seven - countries which, incidentally, is a post-WWII record.

Yup, the serfs shall get their daily serving of gruel but only after a McHeartyHelping of “Freedom Fries”. Or the aid convoys could simply be set on fire (a bit like like “what we didn’t do” in Venezuela back in 2019) with the blame then placed on the Houthis or whichever other flavor-of-the-day “terrorist organization” Tel Aviv instructs us to despise. Either works fine.

Nothing to see here, just move along.

Then again, both the World Food Program and The Drone King won Nobel Peace Prizes.

You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

But the new Cabinet now resembles The Village People so that “real, substantial progress has been been made” and all is well … unless, of course, you’re unfortunate enough to Yemeni … .


Hi drone 1066;
Yes, Samantha Power is very creepy. Remember when the family FROM YEMEN came to America when their grandmother was murdered by America while working in her garden? Congress, most of them left, as who was she TO THEM? America should not be in any wars, or trying to control another nation’s resources.
If America wants to destroy something , work on minimizing corporate America, ridding this nation of poverty, having livable wages, medicare for all and a whole lot of people are needed to save our planet! WORK ON THAT!