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The Case for Declaring a National Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/12/case-declaring-national-climate-emergency

It is an emergency, our planet is on fire, I kept screaming fire and fire some more and heard crickets. The anxiety is too painful, the silence too deadly. I have stopped posting on my wed site/blog. Good luck. Only love remains.


Wikipedia - A 2011 study suggested that airplanes may produce ice particles by freezing cloud droplets that cool as they flow around the tips of propellers, over wings or over jet aircraft, and thereby unintentionally seed clouds. This could have potentially serious consequences for particular hail stone formation.[11]

I haven’t seen any formal study of it, but it seems to me we’re hearing about very severe airline turbulence – enough to injure passengers – once or twice every week. Could be the air is just plain getting very choppy in spots, more often than before.

The cornerstone holding together the global ecosystem is the cryosphere – that’s where the real action is. And everything in that context is looking absolutely bleak. Ice-mass data is starting to show 2019 pulling ahead of 2012 for the lowest northern ice-minimum ever, just right now.

And what about this strange Barry, springing up out of the gulf like a disorganized sea monster? That’s a very weird storm, and it could wind up worse for New Orleans than Katrina, because the Mississippi is so swollen from the wettest 12 months for the continental US in history.

Naw… we haven’t seen giant mutant reptiles crushing office buildings yet. We can hold off on that emergency declaration a little while longer, I suppose. One of these days I’m going to clean out that cluttered shed out back, too.

Maybe you’re better off here Gilbert ?

Birds of a feather type thing ~

I am growing skeptical of all these climate emergency declarations. It’s beginning to resemble PR, rather than anything meaningful.

PS: Half way thru Excalibur !

In a way Aleph - yes - in that all that new fresh water over the North Atlantic is affecting AMOC.

Wally’s ocean conveyor is apparently measurably slowing down. If so - there is the cause of Abrupt Climate Change.

The whole freaking climate system seems to me to be displaying the mathematicians ‘critical slowing down’ - proverbially really hard to prove - but as a long term weather watcher, that’s how it feels.

Move into an apartment, like I did eighteen years ago - no shed to worry about?

There is a great little book on clouds just out, by Storm Dunlop, a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society in Great Britain, titled “Clouds” (2019).

The aviator’s ‘contrails’ are now designated with the formal meteorological term ‘homogenitus’, or, if spread out by winds across the sky, and persistent, ‘homomutatus’ - both are under the designation - 'special clouds’

Great little addition to the weather watcher’s library.

Hi Ditton:
Don’t give up. Love can bring minds together----but actually, anger , is what got that 1789 action going. : )

Well since there is censorship going on with the status of the climate I have jumped back in. Again, check out page 4 about the censorship.

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