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The Case for Impeachment


The Case for Impeachment

John Nichols

When Congressman Brad Sherman proposed the first article of impeachment against President Donald Trump, the California Democrat carefully explained the necessity of the resolution, the legislative strategy he would employ to advance it, and the difficult political landscape that would have to be traversed in order to hold to account the most irresponsible and lawless President in American history.


Someone help me here. Why is it still assumed that we are served by a functional democracy?


I again ask, why would anyone who considers themselves to be a true progressive or lefty want to replace the ineffective and flailing Orange Idiot with competent politician and bat crap crazy Christian Dominionist Mike Pence? Pence wants to make this country into a theocracy. If you will, he is a Christian Taliban. He was one of the leaders for school vouchers in Indiana. Although he has kept a low profile since taking office, he is the truly dangerous one. I’ve got my fingers crossed that our walking cardiovascular disaster of a President waiting to happen doesn’t stroke out in the next 3.5 years.


I’ll second that emotion Genedebs, however can’t we shorten that time frame up to the next 3.5 weeks or months?


YES!!! Finally there is someone who Gets It!

’There’s a reason for this: The American people have a much higher regard for the Constitution than do the elites. The people want to check and balance Presidents who get out of line. And, if anything, they are more inclined toward Constitutional remedies now than in the past.

If the 2016 election taught us anything, it is that a disdain for politics as usual is alive in the land. Poll after poll tells us that voters are furious with the empty and compromised calculations of political careerists. They want, and they deserve, a politics that places principles ahead of partisanship, that chooses country over calculation.

The Democrats could, with an embrace of impeachment power, set an example of principled politics. But Democrats will not do this by standing on the sidelines of this moment. They must follow the lead of Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, who, when she took her place on the House Judiciary Committee that boldly impeached Richard Nixon, declared: “My faith in the Constitution is whole; it is complete; it is total. And I am not going to sit here and be an idle spectator to the diminution, the subversion, the destruction, of the Constitution.” '

These words should be printed on a pamphlet and be handed out wherever people gather like our forefathers did in the by 1770’s. It’s time to bypass the Pelosies, the Schumers, the Durbans, and the Clintons and take back OUR country.


I think impeachment will have to wait until the outcome of the investigations of Trump’s connections with Russia. Based on what we know so far if these investigations are allowed to proceed it seems likely that there will be overwhelming evidence for impeachment and probably also criminal charges. With Republicans in control of both houses of Congress I don’t see impeachment occurring until more is known. It seems almost certain there is massive cover-up going on but there are still a number of dots that need to be connected to be sure of what is taking place.


I see your point about taking the cautious legal approach, however those whom are currently doing everything in their power to subvert our Democratic processes are using the most legally corrupt practices to do so.

I’m leaning more towards Pitchforks and Torches and Tar and Feathers myself.


…The Democrats could, with an embrace of impeachment power, set an example of principled politics…

The reality is that Democrats are in no hurry to initiate impeachment proceedings based on conflicts of interest because that would put many of them at risk for the same charges. Nor will anything come of the Russian connection, because so many of them have their own connections to foreign interests. The level of corruption in the power elite is so widespread and common that asking the Democrats to impeach Trump is akin to asking criminals to prosecute other criminals. Little wonder, then, that they are more interested in silencing the brave few in their own ranks than impeaching Trump. Neither party is in any hurry to start opening doors and risk putting their dirty laundry on display. As bad as Trump is, he will have do something far more obvious and serious before either party gets serious about impeachment.


Well I expected Lrx to show up and throw cold water on this idea. In fact, since he/she is here, let me ask this…How is everything going for your darling, Debbie Wasserman Schultz these days? Hmmm?


So we peons need to gear up and get serious about firing our elected terrorists and replace them all with elected representatives (see how I did that??) like Brad Sherman and Barbara Jordan. I realize this will take some work and dedication next year when people are running for office, but I’d rather ask the questions, and know who will actually represent us when I go into the voting booth, than merely hope their words are true.

Pwr 2 the ANGRY peons!


Hel-looo President Pence! :grinning:


Pence would finish the term like a dog cowering with his tail between his legs. He bought into the Trump fiasco and won’t be able to play any leadership role other than a lame duck.


You’re high man. Pence is a die-hard theocrat, the guy all the talibaptists wanted in the first place, with both houses controlled by Republicans. He’s one of only a handful of people more dangerous than Trump. Even Hillary would be less dangerous than Pence.


A respect for the Constitution from these scumbag Rethugs with the putrid Trump at the top of this stinking heap? I don’t think so. Now that these traitors have control of so many state legislatures one of their biggest aims will be to call for a Constitutional Convention wherein they can use their increased influence to literally change our founding document to further empower their sickening right-wing and extremist agenda. Their big fantasy is to bring back an even more ruthless version of the Gilded Age with all of its lack of regulations, government cronyism to corporations and Wall Street, and the suppression of rights for women and “minorities”.
It is also scary to consider what the replacement for the appalling Trump, Mike Pence, would be like. A dyed in the wool theocrat who would actually be a lot more predictable and willing to kowtow to the RNC agenda. Just another version of the nightmare of regression that has swept this country. This loathsome political party disgraces us before the world almost on a daily basis. I am deeply ashamed of being an American and I have grave doubts whether any kind of citizen’s uprising or peaceful revolution can be assembled to work against these swine.
What really worries me is that Trump and his bunch of gangsters will be more or less “normalized” by the people and, not only will he last this term but he will either be reelected or be replaced by an even worse ideologue in 2020 as the country continues to deteriorate.


I think you thought Genedebs was saying the exact opposite of what he actually said. He’s praying that Trump doesn’t have a stroke in the next 3.5 years and puts Pence in power. You seem to want him to have one.


You have no idea what you’re talking about.

First of all Pence would be Commander in Chief. Secondly, all the GOP ‘traitors’ (which is how the GOP base would see them) would be primaried and replaced in '18 with rabid right-wing nut jobs breathing fire to get revenge for the impeachment. He’d have a GOP Congress eager to make the Dems pay and to reshape the country into their twisted vision of a combination of economic Ayn Rand paradise but socially a Theocratic “hand maid” puritanical prison. Meanwhile Pence would give full support to the NeoCons who are the real driving force behind getting rid of Trump because he isn’t fully under their control with Russia.

Yeah, go ahead all you cultural liberals. Go ahead and turn this nation into the horror it will be after impeachment.


Hopefully, the dominoes fall like the Nixon regime.


You mean like Ford taking over and letting Kissinger run things? Right.


If all Pence has to promote is religion, that’s preferable to the warmonger
Trump. Pence wouldn’t be free to enact his own or Trump’s radical agenda.
You are standing in the way of having a mob boss bastard removed from the
White House.


You might want to do some research on Pence?