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The Case for Impeachment


The fascist, orange fraud is INSANE ! He could have one of his meltdowns and start a nuclear war! Unfit to rule by reason of insanity!
Maybe evil pense will fall along with mass murderer rump. They both are guilty of the stolen election!


Your best in a while John. Very good!


i reluctantly but enthusiastically agree with you. drumpf: dangerous partly because of bannon who is really f’n batshit crazy and the mercers and kushners… pence because he’s god’s right-hand man and knows the ropes of D.C. pence has darkness in his very aspect. few people give me the creeps when i look at them, but he sure does. bannon is revolting but i don’t get the creeps.


respectfully disagree. he’s ON and happy to watch the gov and drumpf go down so he can step in. he thinks they’re on a roll and he’s gonna ride the wave!




The issue should be whether or not Trump should be impeached, not who is the vice-president. The best thing that I know about Pence is he supports the free press. On that alone I would prefer him over Trump. Trump is an authoritarian who does not like democracy. Another thing if favor of Pence is he has not much of a political base. He isn’t even liked in Indiana. He accepted the vice presidency, which hardly anybody wanted since they didn’t want to be associated with Trump, because he saw his political career going nowhere. Without the type of support that Trump has Pence would have trouble being effective. As it is, Trump seems to have little going for him when it comes to Congress. Members of Congress are not worried about him the way they were worried about Reagan. Ninety percent of Republican members of Congress did better in their districts than Trump.


“GOP traitors would be primaried and replaced in '18 with rabid right-wing
nut jobs breathing fire to get revenge for the impeachment. He’d have a GOP
Congress eager to make the Dems pay to reshape the country into their
twisted vision of an economic Ayn Rand paradise and a socially Theocratic
“hand maid” puritanical prison.”

That’s a lot of bullshit to put into that many words. You’re taking the
worst case scenario as a given. You’re wrong in that way and in the
over-exaggeration (though the alarmist in me agrees with your point) Haha,
religious people, meh, like so what already?


Most of the so-called Christian sect, rabid fanatical or more traditional,
would be on him like legal experts if he crossed their line, in those
regards, you could admit. The entire republican party should be
embarrassed, ashamed, penitent (yeah right).



Wel, I hear ya. I hear Lrx. A close friend of mine recently left Indiana and would tell me stories about him. I’m not saying I’m against impeaching this sociopath…I’m just expressing incredible uncertainty and fear about Pence and Ryan getting wind beneath their wings…the whole orange cabal is a a nightmare from the Third Reich, especially Sessions, Bannon, and Miller…yet to take full wing…

Maybe you’ve seen me comment earlier on about the Spanish proverb that warns not to go putting wings on a scorpion. Just like the sycophantic media “normalizes” Drumpf and takes their feeding cues from him (instead of hitting him from all sides), so would millions cravenly curry favor with Pence and Ryan and empower them. Pence is a theocratic ideologue. Ryan is another sociopath.


Then by your admission, Pence is more ideologue than sociopath.
Trust me, impeachment is as much a judgement against Pence.
What, he just stood by and watched all hell break loose?
He has to be embarrassed and never completely forgiven.
Though perhaps his Presidency would be less bad?


I’m really not too sure but what Pence is as caught up in the Russia thing as all the others being investigated – somebody said Pence’s anger toward Flynn had more to do with Pence being in the middle of the Russian thing than with him being angry at Flynn for leaving him out of the loop.


Oops. Meant to hit reply…not upvote. Sorry. Yeah…right now I think Pence is not a sociopath… I could be wrong. But I don’t see him being painted with the same brush as Drumpf to the point that he tucks tail… I think he’d be more likely to grab the baton and wave it triumphantly…and then go about fulfilling his wet dream…you should excuse the expression…

And I fear his presidency as much as this idiot-in-chief’s.

Guess I should factor in wolfess’ point about the Russia imbroglio…


Well Toni, he’ll find a baton to wave, for sure, but won’t find
most places want it waved around at wage-slave workplaces, at after work
drink houses, while racing the car wildly to intimidate bicyclists,
cruising the slums and other normal krish-chun lifestyle…
Pence would be a lame duck President, no doubt about it.
Most if not all Trump Cabinet members and appointees would exit the scene.


Usually I regard highly what John Nichols writes.
Not here.
Nichols certainly misses the most important point at this nexus: Impeachment brings on Pence. WAY worse. Instead of the loony incompetence of Trump, we’d get the insane legislative competence of Pence: Theocracy, privatization of the Public Commons --especially schools, and a quick trigger on war, at home and abroad. Fire and Brimstone.


Dang it, you don’t need religion to at least instinctively have some sense that an outcome of war is worse than religious piety. Most all religious organizations are filled with people who oppose war. Pence’s religious piety will go only so far. I’m just as much fed up with the lack of meaningful distinctions made about pious and otherwise ‘not liberal/progressive enough’ political leaders. First ask Which is worse?

Pence has the same facial expression seen on conservative Supreme Court appointees since their first days on the job, stiffly smiling like Cheshire cats.


Pence isn’t just pious. He’s a Theocrat.

But your right, War is much worse than religious piety- which is why I oppose as vehemently as I can putting Pence in the White House.


It’d be great if you’re correct.

It’d be even greater if something happened to oust them even sooner.


Okay. The sooner his ouster is achieved,
the sooner we believe it will happen.

The Pence complaint is secondary to impeachment.
Pence could refuse and leave Sec of State as Prez.
who too could decline the appointment. Who’d be next?

Question: Globalization or Self-driving cars: Which is stupider?


“It ain’t necessarily so.”  Keep in mind that it’s not just one monolithic “deep state” out there, but a big bunch of Mafia-like families, each of which has its own turf and sources of income and power. Some of the DamnocRats and some of the RePooplicans may have overlapping, or at least compatible, goals.  Replacing Tweetle-Dumb with Pence is would undoubtedly be ‘jes fine’ with DeVos and her pro-‘Christian’-Theocracy allies like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – and most of the Multi-NaZional Korporations who count on social ‘wedge’ issues to keep us from uniting against them.


No. Like Spiro Agnew being driven out and Nixon resigning in disgrace.
Kissinger is an angel that’s why he is still alive and consulting. Kinda made Amerikka great back in the day. Promoted by Roger Ailes(Goebels) may they both rot in Hades.