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The Case for Imposing Sanctions on Donald Trump and His US-Based Business Empire


The Case for Imposing Sanctions on Donald Trump and His US-Based Business Empire

John Feffer

It’s embarrassing enough to have Donald Trump as president. But now American citizens have to endure the additional pain of the sanctions that other countries are imposing on the United States. Doesn’t the world realize that we’re suffering enough as it is? That seems so grossly unfair.

Oh, but wait: that’s how sanctions work.


Let me correct that. The Trump administration IS A CRIMINAL SYNDICATE!


He played our country for fools.

Now, everyone knows who the real fools are.


It’s not as though the international trade arrangements were so humane that there is not an up side to their dissolving–insofar as anything of that sort might happen.

Look at the effects of NAFTA, a so-called “free trade” deal that has torn apart small business in Mexico and propelled many of the population into the drug smuggling and private military industry, resulting in thousands of deaths along the border and along trade routes as the CIA-backed groups eliminate competition and likely sometimes each other.

We narrowly and perhaps temporarily averted what was almost surely a larger set of problems with the failure of the TPP at the end of the Obama administration.

None of this makes the enemy of an enemy a friend; nor does it mean that Trump’s hassling of China–a continuation of Obama’s “turn to Asia,” though without Obama’s panache–is anything like a good idea. But you know, if our T-shirts were made in downtown LA again, it might be a little easier to work on rights for the workers, mightn’t it?


Actually, Trump and the GOP during the past year and a half have expedited implementation of the worst components of TPP and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as “trade deals”.

Whereas those schemes would have established corporate tribunals to replace courts in determining the outcome of economic and environmental cases, Trump and the GOP via deregulation and stacking all levels of federal courts have directly eliminated the regulations that progressives were so concerned that the corporate tribunals would have eliminated.


*I propose that instead of taxing the import of American serviettes, we tax Trump. In the spirit of the Magnitsky Act, Canada and the western allies come together to collectively pressure the only pain point that matters to this President: his family and their assets."

Thank heaven the rest of the world sees him more clearly than a significant portion of our own citizenry. I encourage them, and am willing to tighten my belt. It’s the medicine we have to take to get rid of this parasite that’s killing us.

As for our part, the anti-Trump movement recently issued an updated list of companies doing business with the Trump syndicate. The #GrabYourWallet boycott was credited with Ivanka’s closing of her brand, despite the reasons set out in her announcement.

Apparently Trump really needed the POTUS gig because his merchandising efforts have gone bust…only 2 of 19 remain.


This is an excellent idea, and I hope the rest of the world takes it for action. I would also like to see the EU and other states that are bearing the brunt of of the great migrations out of the war torn Middle East sue the pants off the US Government. It is our mindless elective wars that have driven the massive dislocations with which Europe and other states are dealing.


Unfortunately, roughly 40% of “everyone” (assuming that everyone refers to the American citizens) are Trumpettes and they DO NOT realize that they ARE the fools.


I respectfully disagree with your evaluation of percentage, and that percentages unknowing of their own shortcomings.

Bart, it has widely reported that, the base is between 35 to 40 percent of the voting electorate, however lately, it’s being estimated to be significantly less than that, somewhere in the 25 percent range.

Republican pollsters like to inflate the numbers.

As far as the followers of the Orange Ogre not knowing they’re part of the problem, well, I believe most of them not only know it but wear it like a badge of honor.

These people live with hate in their hearts and will do so until they meet God.

Or, Satan.


Great idea. Individual nations should impose sanctions on the United States. The United Nations will not impose sanctions because: Nikki Haley would certainly veto the proposal: and/or Donald Trump would have a temper tantrum and throw the U.N. out of New York. (Then he could buy the U.N. building cheap and make it a new Trump Tower.)


Were we supposed to take that to see exactly how pissed off we are?


Not just Trump. Long before him the US became the leading exporter of weapons, war, refugee creation, climate destruction, debt colonialism and poverty, “regime change,” mass murder and imposed military dictatorships. It is time for a global BDS movement aimed at the United States until we engage in nuclear disarmament, withdraw our troops and weapons from around the world and improve our human rights at home.