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The Case for Medicare for All Has Grown Stronger Than Ever

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/30/case-medicare-all-has-grown-stronger-ever

One doesn’t need an abacus, a slide rule, a calculator nor a supercomputer to figure out why Medicare for All is the responsible way to go. The money goes into care, not the friction of paperwork and the profits of fat cat insurance executives who add no value to the process. Let’s all grab a conservative and explain this simple message to them. Make sure they understand that they will personally pay less in the end–yes, perhaps more in taxes (gasp) but much less in premiums, deductibles, etc. (You may have to slap them out of their cult stupor, but it is for the greater good.)

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“Grab a conservative” and try to convince him or her that black and brown people should be part of a single payer system ?

The conservative “simple message” prism is limited to spending on corporate welfare good, spending on “domestic” programs (anything that benefit the 99%) bad.

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Oh we don’t need a socialistic system like that. Visionary leader and community organizer Barrack Obama praised our existing system as the best in the world and only tweaked it a little with his landmark signature legislation called Obamacare which has solved the nation’s health care problems for all time. Didn’t his anointed successor Joe Biden pledge never to unleash the plague of socialized medicine upon the masses? And wasn’t he the one who insisted a head breaking “get tough on crime” approach was the best way to handle civil rights issues? Certainly we should not hand out “free” health care to these ruffians. Besides, even if such an approach were tried, no sensible American would tolerate a health program lacking co-pays, deductibles and cost sharing. The breakthrough Obama accomplished is making people realize that a heart attack or cancer diagnosis is a great chance to go shopping! Americans love to shop! Besides, what the heck does a doctor know about medicine anyway? Obama realized that decisions about health should be left in the hands of financial professionals. I could go on, but Obamacare is so perfect that any reform would be a step backward.

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Medicare 4 All doesn’t just cap budgets for Medicare but every other level of care including an actual Universal Care Program which Medicare is not and won’t be under HR 1384. But worst of all it defunds Medicaid too. You have obviously never traversed medical care across settings. You can regulate insurance as a benefit, like your house insurance, or car insurance. Medicare for all benefits some, like hospitals that would no longer have a tax liability, and employers too. It is one of the biggest globalized rip off of the century. Not to mention you will have to pay off those insurance companies for many years to come and retrain their staff.

You will still pay for over priced care just in a different way but with fewer guarantees. We already know what kind of benefit we have in long-term care. Ugh. Read some of Zed’s posts, it is a business decision not patient advocacy. And, Alex Azar, head of the Department of Health and Human Services is a lawyer, not a physician with Seema Verma as administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is simply a waste of human space with her current oversight of these very important medical services.