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The Case for Nationalizing Elon Musk

What an utter waste of money. And the great majority of Americans will be brainwashed into worshiping this dick, just like Bill Gates. They are the parasites, not the folks on food stamps.


At this point, WE are. God quit apologizing for the fucking greed of the last three decades. Unlikely you are old enough to remember this country before immaturity became the norm. Your letter glaringly displays the immaturity Reagan and handlers installed as acceptable. Grow up. About LIFE.

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Walter Pewen: “What an utter waste of money” Couldn’t say it better myself. No one seems to be questioning the basic fact here, why is any government funding private corporations, for or not-for profit. Elon Musk has been getting all kinds of subsidies, that is all he owes the gov’t, plus interest.

The thing that frightens me the most is that the U.S. seems on the edge of no return on all of this. The constant downtalking of federal researchers, government “anything” for services, etc. spells a coming time where in some areas there is NO valuable government work going on. The EPA right now is possibly the most glaring examples. Official science policy documents are being re-written. Funding has been cut by ONE THIRD. These are frontline agencies, life and death, like Health and Human Services. The more cons like Elon there are wearing people down with their endless indulgences the more Americans there will be to follow them. Naomi Klein says it best–Bill Gates, Oprah, Bono (even the nice ones) are NOT going to have the magic answers to save us. but already tens of millions of Americans think they are. It IS a surrreal extension ot the celebrity culture that the United States for all intents and purposes perfected and now calls the shots. Like, and I hate to say it but “Celebrity Apprentice.” I don’t foresee American leadership after all this. At all.

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Dear Bandersnatch,
Obviously you sir, having not studied history other than through corporate sources, are determined to have us all be miserable because your stint at Ticket Dispenser allows you to ride only on one track roller coasters. You have my sympathies sir. I can only imagine how much of a struggle it must be trying to ice skate through the Amazon jungle on a clear December day.

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And Musk replied: “We’re going to send coffins that look just like leaf bags. Nothing’s too good for the brave men, women and children we are sending to Mars. I can never repay them for making me ship loads of cash. How does one repay that?” I know Elon. You and lots of your billionaire buddies can go with them.


“When companies like SpaceX make it big, they’d be obligated to return some portion of their gains to the public infrastructure that helped them succeed, expanding the government’s capacity to facilitate more innovative development.”

Only if you assume that this government is of, by and for the people, not of, by and for a regressive oligarchy. If we must have oligarchy, I prefer a progressive leaning one.

Direct Democracy


Ok, I can agree with you’re point. So is he using tax-payer money or not ?

Speaking of Elon Musk, saw this article a bit ago on a project he is doing in Australia which sounds quite innovative:

Tesla To Construct Virtual Solar Power Plant Using 50,000 Homes In South Australia


While NASA’s budget might be $19.1 billion in 2018, the cost of colonizing Mars has been estimated to cost between $6 billion for 4 astronauts to up to $1 trillion over 25 years.

I don’t think Lrx was advocating that NASA or space exploration be scapped, just that colonizing Mars is an extremely expensive fantasy, which it is. I think NASA together with Space X could still send robots and rovers to Mars and the other planets but should give up on the idea of colonizing or sending humans.

He built the Falcon Heavy with his own money.

He Is shipping cargo to the International Space Station and launching government satellites, I don’t thing we can expect him to do that for free. So of course he is using tax-payer money, same as every other government contractor. Same as Boeing, ULA or Lockheed. Same as General Electric, Microsoft or Ford. Same as the business that supplies your local school.

The question is why is the writer or the article making this out as anything unusual, and why does she not provide any facts if it is out of the ordinary.

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You have to wonder the critical thinking abilities of the millions now who accept all this propaganda at face value. No matter what your political thoughts are, it’s clear many don’t even think about this crap-it sounds neat “go for it!” Like an 10 year old looking at comic books.

Hi, Paul. I just felt the need to say that it’s good to read from someone else that doesn’t worship corporate “development”, or completely ignore the immense work that goes into scientific research of all kinds via “government” labs, and educational institutions.
Essentially, these “innovators” in the private sector have all the hard work done for them. Students, professors, and Gov. eggheads expand upon the theories, design the materials, and figure out how to best apply them. Test engineers refine them. A lot of obscure, but massive electronics and materials manufacturing companies start producing the basic components that they can, and then the recipe is there.
Rich kids with tech aspirations can afford to play with the best erector-set in history, thanks to the domestic output of billions of little peasants, private labor to work in these tech corps (with no recognition, because Musk is obviously magic and another stable genius) and the loophole of capitalism.
They really, truly did not build that. They paid script, signed off on stuff, smiled at cameras, pointed and barked orders at us, then expected us to feed them more power, more pork, more people. We’ve been owed back pay for a loooong time.

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No they’re not ‘obligated’ to give anyone anything like you suggest. That you want more money or resources or control for what you like or prefer doesn’t turn their creativity into a wellspring of something you’re ‘owed’. They paid their power bills, their phone taxes, their fuel taxes, everything else levied on them the entire way like anyone else…they’re paid up in full.

Neither you nor anyone else, not even ‘society’, deserves anything more just because someone is successful and you want a piece of that by claiming some kind of priority.

The fact that they can do all this so cheap, well and fast, is a testament to what people can achieve and create by not having to answer to your culture of control and permission. And they’re going to beat NASA to Mars with humans and do it cheaper too.


Musk believes Global Warming will end human existence on Earth.

"The worst-case scenario? “More displacement and destruction than all the wars in history combined.” Musk added that 97% of scientists see the worst-case scenario as the most plausible.

Read more: End Times: Ways Elon Musk Believes the World Could End | Investopedia https://www.investopedia.com/news/end-times-ways-elon-musk-believes-world-could-end/#ixzz56rA72G00
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Tell us the ideas you claim are propaganda.

A little apples vs oranges I believe.
I have no problem using tax payer money for projects that benefit mankind, such as cargo to the space station or launching satellites for the govt. I have a big problem subsidizing rich people being shot around the moon, or fantasies of colonizing Mars. I believe the author has a point.

Hi Paul, sorry if my earlier statement was presumptive- wasn’t trying to lump you in with me.

As per government grants, you are correct. Really, there’s nothing wrong with anything in your response. My original post to you, however, is a jumble mess. I attempted to articulate something quite differently from what I actually communicated, at least on several points. I’m not a particularly good writer, nor an editor, and it shows. My apologies.

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Ask a LOGICAL question and I will respond.

“We want what you have and we will take it by force”, that is all that is being proposed here. All the rest is just rationalizing armed robbery.