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The Case for Sanders/Warren 2020: The Populist Dream Team Ticket to Win A Green New Deal


The Case for Sanders/Warren 2020: The Populist Dream Team Ticket to Win A Green New Deal

David Goodner

In 2014, I gave a slight nod to Senator Elizabeth Warren over Senator Bernie Sanders in a widely read column on Common Dreams that went viral and was shared on social media by more than 100,000 people.



Why don’t these two leave the Democratic Party, register with the Green Party, and promote the real Green New Deal?

Anything short will end up being watered down pea soup.



“…Biden/O’Rourke dream ticket…”

That’s someone’s dream?

–mistake to relegate Medicare-for-All to second place.
Cross-ticket voters will embrace and vote for MFA. GND will become a target on fire for capitalists.
Bernie/Warren must hold both programs on a banner, together as their platform’s single priority.



Vice presidential picks are almost always political. Going back further than even the days of the “regional” vice presidential picks such as Kennedy/Johnson. In essence they still are. Odds are that the Dems will have male/female-female/male ticket this time around NO MATTER who is the nominee. At this point in time I would consider someone like Kloubachar (really) as his running mate, After all the replies I’ll state the reason why.

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Well, a nightmare still counts as a dream…



Simple answer is they won’t win. And, that’s after I voted for Jill Stein in 2012 & 2016. I love Nader like Jesus Christ (being facetious), BUT he was a long shot at best with the Dems and a never-was as a Green. You think the Dems are gonna be tarred with the “socialist” name this time? If they ran as Greens they would not only be labeled as “socialist”, but also as some kind of crazies.

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Yes. Even if they lost 2020, they would have credibly established the vehicle that could move to victory next time around. Did you read Norman Solomon’s piece the other day? I thought his remarks about Warren were of interest–her love of capitalism and strong markets. That took me by surprise. His point, however, that love of capitalism and strong markets also implies that a leader should act to boost wall street, not hamstring it. We’re going to learn a lot in the next year–I hope the news is good.

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You haven’t made your reply yet, so I’ll guess your motive. Is it “balance”? Perhaps something like that. But in the event Bernie dies in his first term, wouldn’t we be screwed w Klobuchar and her values? I would like to see your thoughts on this.

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There isn’t a chance in hell that Joe Biden will run a successful campaign.

Look at his track record as a presidential candidate: 2 early fizzles.

Look at his legislative and political record: Republican Lite or just straight up Republican.

If Beto O’Rourke hitches his wagon to the Biden train wreck, he’s even more stupid than I thought.



Remember that article on “russian bots being detected trying to divide the left”

Jimmy Dore show illustrating how the Washington Post is trying to discredit Sanders.

It is NOT the Russians. What they are doing is using this meme to make any critique of the Democratic candidates other then sanders linked to Russia. Dore, as usual makes excellent observations citing an excellent article about “journalism”



The problem with this is that many of us thought that Sanders sold us out at the end when he endorsed Hillary.
Imagine the day when he says that he has picked Klobuclar to be his running mate. My first thought would be… “They haven’t even had the election yet and he has already sold us out again”.



Thank you for bringing out an essential point when you say that the rest of the Dem candidates are just playing follow the leader (Harris, Booker, Klobuchar, etc). They signed onto the Green Deal because it was politically expedient for them to do so. They’ll ditch it just as quickly if the wind blows a different direction. Warren at least has been consistent about her support for working families, but she only signed onto the GND at the last moment too (in fact an early version of her campaign video didn’t even mention climate change). The only person who has consistently pushed this issue, the most important issue facing us and our children/grandchildren, is Bernie (and AOC but she can’t run). My question is this: Given that we have F??k’s news to deal with, a wealthy establishment that owns enough wealth to buy not one, but several, elections, and now unlike 2016, we have several me-too candidates claiming to support the GND, how do you think Bernie will survive that onslaught? Already F??ks News is running videos purporting to show a commie Bernie back in his younger days. If there’s anything that strikes fear into American hearts and minds its the C word. I still haven’t seen a good answer to that. He may be polling well now, and could probably have beaten Drumpf in '16 but its a different scene now. This is what’s mainly holding me back from being a full fledged Bernista.



If Biden gets the nomination he’ll probably pick Sen. Duckworth from Illinois, shoring up the Boeing wing of the Center-Right Uniparty of the Washington Consensus. Plus, Joe wouldn’t have to run around looking for a little baby to kiss. It would just be a question if he could lift it above his waist. " Smilin’ Joe Biden, what a guy’s guy! "

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The " C " word will come from the Dimocratic surrogates who were backing The Clintonistas. Hillary was a Goldwater Girl, she’s from 'burbs of Chicago and knows how to red bait with the best of them. If she falters, her good friend Lannie Davis will be there to hold her up by her ammo belt.



Of course its just fine to suggest that Elizabeth Warren be the meaningless VP to a man.

Yet this seems so nice to the author of this article.

If you don’t want Warren at the top of the ticket don’t demean her because all you can think is of putting a woman in behind the man.

And go ahead make every excuse you can for how that’s not what you meant. You totally respect Warren. Sure. Sure. Sure.



As long as we’re stuck in the rut of the duopoly, I like a Sanders/Abrams ticket.

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Bernie would have to be an idiot to pick Klobachar and he isn’t an idiot so I don’t think we will be in that situation. If Bernie wins, and I hope he does, I presume he won’t pick till he wins (some bloggers seem to like idea of announcing VP picks before winning like Sanders and Barbara Lee and I now think it is not a trend I look forward to if it starts) and then he might not pick from the set of women running though I agree it’s highly likely he will pick a woman. But it if she is among those running, it would be Warren and I’m guessing several others before it would be Klobachar.

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I’m sick to death of the identity politics that demand a running mate of a particular gender or race,period.
Sen. Warren is serving the nation well as a prominent Senator and national leader in bringing attention to Wall Street and economic issues, and would certainly be a highest rank cabinet consideration if she and Bernie feel that would be even more effective.
Nina Turner clicks both boxes for the identitarians and also has the distinction of solidarity on the issues with Bernie ,even before they worked together in the 2016 campaign.This gives Nina an authenticity that (like Bernie) the other late to the party candidates do not possess.



HI Rudyjo–since the Hillary and her bots are so dishonest, I truly believe that she and the rotten dems decided that they would get Berne to support her and she’ll promise to support some of his platform ideas----- — but no! They screwed him over twice with the effect that this is what people say when they say you can’t trust Sanders-----it’s the dems and Hillary that are the dissemblers : )
I think people have caught on now, because Bernie raised soooooo much money in one day-----people still believe he’s the one to stop the sinking of America.



HI snedunurl-----showing Bernie in his days working at the kibbutz in Israel-----but if the dems attack that-------- LOL, wouldn’t that be anti-semitic----: ) This could be fun!