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The Case for Sanders/Warren 2020: The Populist Dream Team Ticket to Win A Green New Deal


It’s probably worth noting that Goodner’s initial pick several years ago was a Warren-Sanders ticket. You don’t suppose he had gotten their genders confused?

I don’t respect either terribly, for what-all that might be worth.

Both have caved into the Clinton camp in '16. Why not regard that as revealing? Sanders took longer to do so, and he did so a bit less completely. He has in some cases mounted anti-war efforts, whereas it is not clear whether or how foreign policy really appears in Warren’s radar.

Sanders is a deeply flawed candidate, but that does not make for automatic disqualification. I voted for Jill Stein for several elections running, and I might again in 2020. But the DNC is hardly apt to appoint anyone anywhere near so respectable, and I might be moved to vote for a compromise candidate. For all my impatience with the usual “anything blue” nonsense, there really is a fairly wide range of people I would prefer to Donald Trump, probably starting with my local librarian or 8 of the first 10 names in any local phone book.

If the Democratic party, including its rank and file voters, are looking for a candidate that some of us to their left might swing for, Sanders is the better choice, partly because he is more popular because of his '16 run, but also partly because his admittedly checkered record has some occasions when he rose against war, and partly because he has been willing to go mano a mano with politicians within the party on at least some occasions, though clearly not always when it was called for.


Liz Warhawk is a capitalist. (moneyist)
Bernie Sanders is a socialist. (peoplist)

We need two socialists if we’re going to have a people-centered government, not a money-centered government. Socialists “Promote the general welfare.” Capitalists promote corporate welfare.

Capitalism has us on the brink of planetary destruction. It’s time to elect a “We the People” candidate, not another “We the corporations,” candidate.


I think VP would be a waste of Warren’s abilities. She should be head of the SEC or something similar if there is a Sanders administration.

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I’m not convinced that the country is ready for a female commander-in-chief. Therefore, I prefer Sherrod Brown, a bona fide Dem and Elizabeth Warren as Veep. In eight years, the country will know her and she would stand a good chance of becoming president. Bernie is an independent; he has not registered as a Dem.

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Other way round makes more sense to me


It’s a political choice to get “independents” and “moderates” to vote for the ticket. IF something happened to Sanders I think we could count on her to continue his agenda (although probably w/o the intensity) at maybe a slower pace. I don’t like that idea but politics has always been a compromise even under FDR & LBJ. And, she would have to promote the agenda on the campaign trail. Hell, Sanders has to be the nominee FIRST and then HE has to pick his running mate and I personally don’t think it would be Klobuchar. Who would you suggest other than Warren? I’m not against Warren by any means but a Sanders/Warren ticket may be a bit much for the “independents” he will need to get elected.


Additional to stardustIBID’s response - what the HELL was Sanders supposed to do? Endorse Trump?!!! He was presented with a choice between the proverbial devil and the equally proverbial deep blue sea!


Aside from other factors, isn’t there something (rather a lot actually) to said for having an INDEPENDENT President? And “I’m not convinced that the country is ready for a female commander-in-chief” - not even after the electorate (not the ‘Electoral Commission’) voted for the terminally flawed Hillary Clinton by a 3 million majority? Did you miss that?


Although I love the idea of a Sanders/Warren ticket, I don’t think moderate or centrist swing voters would go along with it. I guess weather or not Trump is still running (if he’s not on his way to prison by then) along wit how much they are disgusted with the republican party as a whole would determine whether or not the swing voters would support a Sanders/Warren ticket. On the other hand, I myself would totally support it either way, Sanders/Warren or Warren/Sanders!

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Tulsi Gabbard might be the best running mate for Sanders, I’d prefer Warren to stay in the Senate, but maybe an SEC chief post, or AG post would be an acceptable career move (heck, she’d even make a fantastic USSC justice, IMO!). If Sanders took a one-term pledge and chose Gabbard as his VP, I think it would strengthen both of their chances and provide a strong supportive cabinet and team of professionals in an administration which could carry-over through several changes in the oval office as long as the replacements are dedicated and staying true to a strongly progressive agenda. Could provide the vehicle to carry progressive policies through to fruition over the next decade, or more (or at least build up enough momentum that they would be very difficult to derail).


Tulsi Gabbard,… though I’m starting to hear some interesting and good things about Buttigieg (Mayor of South Bend).

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I have no problem with Abrams, I just don’t know enough about her and her history of fighting for progressive economic issues, to reflexively support her for such a role.


“Cross-ticket voters will embrace and vote for MFA. GND will become a target on fire for capitalists.”

I think so, robb: where climate warming is concerned, time is short. But - despite the idea that presidents have limited ‘political capital’ for big ticket items - I think an MFA campaign can get a progressive Democrat elected and build a mass base and ‘political capital’ now where GND cannot now.

Yea, life on earth is more important than life and health for tons of people. But I’d argue mobilizing people who want health-life now will lay the mass groundwork for the GND…

…admittedly, with a short window of opportunity for the GND.

Too much progressive mass base movement building behind MFA to drop it and shift gears now.




“…hold her up by her ammo belt.”

I like it…I like it.


Hell no warren as VP having people like Tulsi Gabbard or Tina Turner? Hell and a million hell no.

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I’ve disagreed w/Goodner on a key point, but his links are important to understanding and thinking about ‘what is to be done’:

Kate Aronoff, " It’s Bernie’s world. The Democratic party is just living in it"

Zaid Jilani, “Why the Differences Between Sanders and Warren Matter”

And on the matter of Sanders “appea[l] to a huge cross-section of Trump voters in battleground states like post-industrial Michigan that Clinton lost” - see not the linked Gallup poll, but:

a) an analysis arguing economic populist/cultural right voters went for Sanders in the primaries, but - lacking a progressive alternative - trump in the general; and
b) Les Leopold’s Commondreams analysis of ‘swing voters’ showing the same thing.

sanders/trump switch:

swing voters are progressive on economics:


She has been the most vocal politician against wars and militarism - making bold arguments about redirecting militaristic budgets towards people’s needs. Not even Sanders was as bold during his 2016 campaign. Let alone Warren.


This article is exactly my conclusion: Bernie deserves the top spot on the Democratic Presidential Ticket for his 2016 campaign stimulating the grassroots to rise up to the dangers of the Oligarchy in both parties. The Green Party should also support him as the one to unite the entire Progressive Movement into office. Elizabeth Warren would be my choice for V.P. on that ticket. She’s a proven fighter against the Capitalist Cartel with a lot of economic savvy.


Only a few things wrong with this discussion:

  1. Bernie is INELIGIBLE to run on the Demo ticket according the the rules recently adopted by the DNC, i.e. he’s not a DEMOCRnlessAT in good (or any!) standing.

  2. WARREN voted to give Trump $80,000,000,000 more than he asked for to bomb and kill. That’s TRUMP, y’all!!

  3. I guess nobody here ever heard of Tulsi Gabbard. While not perfect (who is?), at least she doesn’t have Warren’s baggage.

  4. Unless Bernie has some bulletproof plan to end-run around the DNC, he CAN"T be on the Demo ticket (see #1) . They have no reason to want him now any more than they did in '16.

  5. What do you think would happen to all their corporate/1% $$$$$$$ if they put BERNIE as their candidate!!?? Get serious folks.

  6. So, what’s the way forward if we (the 99% of the humans on this planet) are to survive as far as the American gov’t is concerned? Bernie has to run as an INDEPENDENT, (no choice!) with Tulsi as his running mate (as of now, anyway). He would kick the shit out of BOTH the Dem ticket (Kamala/Corey or some such) and the Donald.

  7. But guess what?? He won’t. He’ll capitulate to whoever the Dems nominate. Like he did in '16.

  8. Boy, do I hope I’m wrong, re #7!!