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The Case for Who Should Not Be Vice President: Joe Biden, Are You Listening?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/31/case-who-should-not-be-vice-president-joe-biden-are-you-listening


I think we all know Joe Biden well enough to know he will virtually never do the right thing. Progressives can push him all they like, but in the end, Joe Biden will do what the DNC and their rich donors want. That means that a progressive VP pick is 100% out of the question. I really hope Biden shocks me with a good choice, but I highly recommend people not get their hopes up. Joe Biden is almost certainly going to pick one of the worst possible people, like Harris. Barbara Lee? I doubt Joe Biden has ever even talked with her, nor would he want to for fear of angering his wealthy donors.


Does anybody believe that Democrat or GOP POTUS candidates actually pick the VP candidate ?

Party bosses make those decisions, “guided” by their Wall Street paymasters.


Agreed. Harris is another Obama, a sell-out puppet to the conservative right wing corporate owners of this world. And I consider Warren to be pretty much the same.

But then the Dimocrats have moved so far to the right since the Clintons grabbed power that the last 30 years has seen them blatantly become the Republican Party in fact and policy if not in name. That the Rethuglicans have slid even farther right is a moot point, both are owned and operated by the same wealthy oligarchs who fund both. And profit no matter who they get into power. That’s the whole point isn’t it? If one actually takes the time and LOOKS at who funds who, you can see this happening. That both faces of the One-Party State follow the same policies other than the tiny crumbs that are spread around to ideological factions in those parties…which doesn’t change the basic structure of how the policies actually work.

Kabuki theater in a pay-to-play Greek tragedy. Does anybody REALLY think anything will change with Biden? That suddenly all will be wonderful in the world? No, I doubt that many who comment on this site are that hoodwinked but we are all struggling to sleep at night because our subconscious realizes this better than our waking minds…

I don’t have answers, at least none that will ever have an ice cube’s chance in hell of becoming a reality. There is too much inertia in the system, too many very powerful people that profit from the system who would rather see the entire world collapse than change. This country has never been a democracy just like there has never been a truly communist country in the world. And those that profit from it like it that way.

And bluntly, we can’t ‘vote’ ourselves out of this fix. It won’t be allowed. The rot is just too deep and spread throughout the entire culture. It’s gangrene, folks, and it kills what it touches.

As this Pandemic and the stupids that rule us slowly crashes this country into a Depression that’ll make the 1930s my grannies raised my dad & mom through look not so bad, add in climate collapse (NOT ‘change’ a bullsh*t word) and the ongoing ecocide/6th extinction of life on this planet, and then throw in the continual rape for the last resources that power a technological industrial society (read The Race for What’s Left by Michael Klare), I find myself getting just a bit pessimistic…



No one in the 3rd Way “leadership”, especially Status Quo Joe, is listening to you or any of the 99%. They are listening to Wall Street - period. Lets stop pretending we even have a chance of being heard by the “New Republican Party”.

Here’s on example - and there are many:
As Poll Shows Nearly 90% Democratic Support, Biden Told Hostility to Medicare for All 'No Longer Tenable Position for You’

“Hey, ⁦Joe Biden, ⁩ as a Democrat running for president in a pandemic, this looks like a popular idea.”


To me this sounds like more stringing the ‘Mark’ along.
“geez you only missed it by THIS much. Try harder, try again, put your money down next time for sure. You were Soooo… close”


Great thanks to the authors for a true essay and appeal. I will say nothing further, they have said it all, and very well…


Kamala Harris, in addition to the important issues mentioned that she was on the wrong side of, was terrible on Roman Catholic sexual abuse by clergy. Terrence Hallinan had gathered formidable information and evidence. She, succeeding him, sat on it. Also unforgivable.


Nobody likes harris. But Wall Street does. Joe is listening. Meanwhile back at the ranch where are the articles about Epstein, clinton and Dershowitz?


Bass just walked back her earlier reference to Fidel as Commander in Chief. Not sure she has the guts to stand the Miami gusanos.


Warren is my choice


If Biden dropped dead—who would be the candidate? Would the DNC put the HiIIary in again? OR-----wouId Bernie , as the runner up, be the one?

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Most of the current candidates for Biden’s Vice President have not said enough about whether they are conservative or progressive for me to decide which to support and which to oppose.

I hate it to see articles in progressive media that are nothing more and nothing less than propaganda for the political US Mainstream.
How else would Karen Vernal and Christian T. Shaughnessy, the writers of this sorry piece of propaganda, arrive at the assumption Progressives even want to see a Biden in office let alone his running mate. This piece is a pure attempt of brainwashing through the backdoor and it’s not the first time!
Thanks CD. Don’t expect me to contribute.


Kamala Harris is an aggressive, political animal interested in one thing only–gaining more power for herself. She slept with Willie Brown, and suddenly she’s installed as the DA of San Francisco. She declines to prosecute priests as molesters. As AG, she declined to prosecute Steve Mnuchin and his bank, One
West, for acting illegally when foreclosing on those foolish enough to buy teaser rate loans. Her peak moment was her lying in wait for the hapless Joe Biden to claim victimhood as a bused child. She’s as phony as a $3 bill. If elected, she’ll serve herself first and foremost.


Harris has lots of problems as a candidate and is certainly not a real progressive on hardly any issues - but I think this kind of innuendo directed at a female politician is inappropriate. (aside from the fact that she was elected to be the DA of San Francisco and stopped dating Willie Brown several years before she even began working in the SF DA’s office)


These two talk a big case, but It’s all a lot of hot air. What have they got to wager? What are they willing to risk? The fact is, it won’t be any different next time. It is only when the stakes are huge that you have anything to work with. If you are not willing to threaten to boycott Biden and let Trump win then they don’t have to do a damned thing.

And you can bet their jobs they won’t. Because if they do let the progressive have even a M4A foot in the door, and people see what real change is? The Bidens and Pelosis are out, and they know it. You gotta ask yourself, how important is this?

Because Trump is not just an unthinkably horrible option. Trump is the only real bargaining chip progressives may ever have to actually get that foot in the door. Because the door is closing, baybeee. This economy is coming down come Fall and all bets are off.


Joe Biden, Are You Listening?



Hey folks,
the key to winning this coming November is:
Working hard to gain new voter registrations from the young peoples. Advertising through social media to have 5 to 10 million new democrats.

We have enough East Coast dems in power. The clinton, cuomo, rahm emanual smoke filled room with tithes coming in from banks and wall street reek.

I am promoting for Tammy Duckworth, senator from Illinois.
She has the experience to be president if Joe slows.

Bernie would be the obvious choice to everyone in the world except the DP and DNC. It would be a shitshow to watch the contortions they would go through and the bullshit reasons they would give for why they would rule out Bernie and give us some tool like Cuomo or worse.


Coming down like the Hindenburg. “Oh, the humanity!” There is no path for progressives within the DP. The sooner we realize that the better and our only chance at averting total destruction.