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The Catastrophic Tenure of John Bolton

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/11/catastrophic-tenure-john-bolton


John Bolton, the fortunate young man decades ago, had to flee to the reserves, lest his number came up in the draft lottery. Poor little Johnny didn’t want to die in a rice paddy. Now, he’s a foaming-at -the-mouth conservative war hawk, and an incompetent one at that. Begging for regime change anywhere he can try to foment one, John Bolton is a parakeet in chicken-hawk drag. He even exceeded Trump’s wild fantasies and likely scared enough people to lose favor and get dumped.


Cirincione sez:
“‘John Bolton appears to have locked the U.S. administration into a policy death spiral,’ I wrote at the time (of the North Korea summit). The spiral has now dragged Bolton to his political death."

Seems a rosy outlook. Like the Phoenix — or the vampire — his ilk always seem to rise again to whisper into sympathetic ears.


The tone of this article suggests that all of those arms controls deals were about keeping OTHER Countries in their place so that the great and benevolent country called the United States of America could promote democracy and freedom the world over. The bad guys like Putin, The Iran Mullahs and Kim-Jon Un were all itching to sow war and chaos the world over and these arms deals kept them in their place.

The reality is the USA is just as much, if not more, The “bad guys” as these other nations. Whether John Bolton in office or not does not change this. As far as peace goes the United States of America is a catastrophe.


I am happy to report that our young men do not face a military draft, combat in Iran - and we would lose because the population is too big. The russians would love to come on down and join in against us.

Military Casualties would have been immense.
Plus, oil rationed. Inflation. no regime change, we would take mass casualty hits in the 50 states that would have us all crying.

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Needs to be emphasized. Thinking U.S. policy before Bolton was peace-loving feeds delusions of U.S. exceptionalism, especially on the arms race (a deliberate Reagan policy to bankrupt the Soviet Union, which – especially under Gorbachev – tried to limit militarism and nuke follies).


Hard to believe an article on Bolton’s war-mongering ignores his escalation of the cruel U.S. attack on the people of Venezuela.

Next: fire Elliott Abrams!


Even the National Guard and Army Reserves went to Vietnam unless you got special treatment or were blind lucky. Kind of like W.
I guess you can become a war criminal without going to war yourself.

…Through the centuries the ‘cartel’ countries with the most power have been able to spread their ‘bad seeds’ as far as technologies of the age could carry their toxic expansion. The Dutch, the English and France more recently, until the ‘radicals’ from Europe arrived in the ‘New World’. It didn’t take more than a few decades to wipe out a good number of natives and take some slaves to do the hard work. Now with this leftover slave philosophy, the U.S. has conscripted much of the 3rd world to do it’s bidding…Breeds entities such as Bolton, who should be taken summarily, out back and shot…

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If you read the tagline it indicates the group this person works for is a contributor to Lobelog. Go to Lobelog and there an article detailing Russians dirty games in Iran and how Russia at work ensuring Iran and the USA never reconcile. It discusses how the USA needs to reassert influence in the region and try to pull Iran back into the US orbit so as to check Russian expansionism.

More of the same BS. These guys do not want these arms controls deals for the cause of peace. They want them so they can more easily take out Russia on behalf of the Empire.

Does Russia try and influence Iran? Of course they do but the Russians have a long memory and know full well the west has been trying to absorb Russian territory for centuries.

Bolton an Israeli citizen has done well for Israel.

Iraq as an adversary is effectively gone - in the lead up to the war in 2003, he went to great lengths to hide the fact that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction by quashing inspectors that would have exposed the truth- that’s bordering on traitorous.

Iran is being weakened by sanctions, much to the delight of Netanyahu. Iran was never the existential nuclear threat as was claimed by Israel’s Netanyahu: Criticizing the signing of the nuclear deal because of what would in comparisons to an imminent existential threat be matters of minor concern, is tacit admission of this fact. So much duplicity!

Trump has been acting as no better than a completely subservient Netanyahu lackey – with Bolton gone whether this will change is another matter.