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The Censorship of 'Cancel Culture' May Ultimately Be Most Dangerous for Social Justice Champions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/05/censorship-cancel-culture-may-ultimately-be-most-dangerous-social-justice-champions

Your assignment, should you disagree with Ms. Nossel, is to explain in 250 words why she is wrong.
Tweets calling for her cancellation will not be accepted.

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Pitch perfect and a deliciously witty response.

Free expression is how we work out what our values should be. Those values change and evolve to meet the demands and desires of people at a certain time. Our world is fluid and opposing views are beneficial to define our goals in both “directions” as we move ahead. In retrospect, we clearly make some backwards steps, but on the whole we’re still here so we’re doing pretty well.

We have done a number on the planet and have some nasty weapons that can end this party, but our day-to-day relationships with each other are slowly evolving on their own in a positive direction. If we can avoid doom, we will probably weather this rise in plantation structure and mind control efforts.

Wow… I’m surprised there’s even a couple of comments for this article, because… “cancel culture.”

There was a good reason for the First Amendment.
Should censorship and cancellation manage to bite the SJWs on the butt, it will be a lesson well deserved.

You have articulated an important truth for all who cherish liberal democratic systems. As a leftist, I know that leftist dreams have often deteriorated into tyranny and I have to accept that we can create conditions that undermine and destroy what we actually intend by not considering the consequences of our actions.