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The CETA Vote: Will the European Parliament Learn From BREXIT and Trump?


The CETA Vote: Will the European Parliament Learn From BREXIT and Trump?

Shefali Sharma

Our tour across Europe on Selling Off the Farm Corporate Meat’s Takeover Through TTIP and its links to the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) launched on November 29 at the European Parliament.


Do we get to invoke Betteridge's Law and say: "No!"?


There have been dozens of demonstrations for months here in Europe, all of them ignored by the media, against CETA and TTIP. We feel exactly the same about these treaties as some of the British who voted for a Brexit: the EU Commission can't be trusted to serve our needs and respect our judgement. Its members are "on the take" as much as so many American Congress members are, both Republican and Democrat. Those who pay get to play, and it's not us, but we'll go on fighting, even if that means more countries leave the EU.


Not only does the media continue to ignore protests, it continues to dumb down its coverage of CETA, TPP and other regulatory capture schemes by characterizing them as "trade deals" and erroneously claiming that those of us who oppose these schemes are anti-trade when nothing could be further from the truth,

Progressives have always supported fair trade and will ALWAYS oppose giving corporations more control of government, the economy and environment.


Either the left in Europe (Labor, Socialist, SPD, etc.) will block these sovereignty-assaulting "free trade" treaties, or the extreme right will do so. If Europe wants to be governed by extreme right wing parties, the major parties (left and right) will continue to kowtow to the oligarchs and their neoliberal agenda until they are voted out and the extreme right is voted in. It doesn't have to be that way. But if the extreme right is the only alternative offered to the people of Europe, that is what will happen. And everyone knows it. So if it does happen, it will only be because of monumental acts of stupidity by Europe's political class.


The last sentence in the article: "...as long as they ignore the protests...of these free trade deals, they are likely to repeat the same mistake that has, in part, led to Brexit and Trump."

This has been no mistake. They are pursuing their goals of total control. Many people have just woken up to this fact but the oligarchy has become very powerful. The ignoring or removal of the oligarchy by peaceful means should be the goal. For example, if a town/city bans or tries to regulate home vegetable gardens, the entire community or neighborhood has to work as one and plant gardens.

They count on a divide and conquer strategy continuing to be successful. We have to unite and refuse.